We were all eagerly waiting for the new episodes of Game of thrones. This series is so complex yet so grasping that we have almost started feeling like it is happening in real life. We are so engrossed in this series that we put our phones on silent mode for one hour for this show. We stop being on social media as soon as the episode is out in fear of coming across any spoilers. Anyone we meet, we have random theories to discuss what is going to happen next in GOT or who is going to die in the next episode.

We all know how season 6 ended with a big bang. And similarly, season 7 also starts with something mind-boggling. Don’t worry this post does not have any MAJOR spoilers only the best dialogues from episode 1. Unless you are so brainy that you could interpret the entire episode from these 5 dialogues of the game of thrones.

game of thrones best dialogues

Anything before the word “But” is horseshit.

This dialogue is true in every sense. “You are good n all that but I can’t be with you.” We guys have heard this type of rejection so many times in our lives. I mean seriously, if you are so good then why can’t you be with me.

game of thrones Lyanna mormont dialogues

I  don’t plan on knitting by the fire while men fight for me.

Feminists! rise up! Lyanna Mormont is here for you. She is a true actor. Every word that she utters feels like she really means it.

game of thrones walder frey dialogues

Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.

This simply means that when you take up a project complete it and work on it with 100 percent efficiency. Because even a small error can tarnish the project and its reputation because of it.

game of thrones best dialogues

But they are ashes now, and we are still flesh and blood.

Bygones are bygones. Let us worry about what is now which can affect tomorrow.

game of thrones arya stark best dialogues

When people ask you what happened here, tell them north remembers, winter came for House Frey.

That is how Arya stark introduces herself in season 7 of the game of thrones while moving ahead in her journey.

Well, like always, episode 1 of season 7 leaves so many questions in the mind which will only be answered in the upcoming episodes. This wait of one week seems like forever but you cannot help it too. Let us begin the countdown for episode 2 of the series. Till then we can keep ourselves consumed with the theories already flooding on the internet.

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