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Four years of relationship and sudden break up? Five years and more, a small fight and broken engagement? Arranged marriage, 2 months of engagement and girl refuses to marry ? If you have gone through such terrible circumstances, then you are not alone. Today, there are many youngsters who have become victim of these broken relationships, apathy and lack of trust.

This current generation is so confused about relationships that they have forgotten its meaning. Everything is practical for them.

Jumping from one relation to another, for that excitement of initial phase, gives them temporary happiness but leaves them a feeling of emptiness, depression, and unfulfilled desires.

Unable to understand the difference between love and infatuation, they tend to make mistakes. Their thoughts get clouded and are thus unable to think rationally. By the time they realize it is already too late and things have already been spoiled enough to get back together. To understand more about it, read this article.

However, there are many reasons for the current generation, that they are becoming spoilt in their approach and thus have become vulnerable to making mistakes and regretting later. In some circumstances, they are so empty from the inside that they are unable to differentiate between right or wrong.

Parental pressure: This is very common problem in India. Even supreme court has passed a statement saying that most of the relationships are broken in India because of parental pressure. Parents are too protective and caring for their children. But sometimes, their over caring nature becomes a hindrance in the growth of their children.

Not denying, it is very important to learn from their wisdom and their life experiences. When you are mature enough that you have passed your college, have started earning, living independently, you are well aware of the society and their behavior, you understand relationships and compromises, and accordingly you choose your side. You are well aware of the decision you are making. And at that stage, parents should not interfere much and try to break a relationship just because they visualized it differently for their children.

Low confidence: Relationships aren’t easy. You chose your priorities and you chose your sides. You keep few things while you let go few things for the sake of love. There is no point regretting what you are letting go for what you are receiving from your partner until it is a failed relationship where you are not getting respect, attention and the love you deserve. In that case, you need to think that you got into this relationship for a reason. Nobody forced you to be with someone. If your partner has been behaving differently, you need to find out the cause and solve it.

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Wrong expectations: Life cannot be happy always. There will be struggle, there will be hardships always. The key is to stay strong and let it pass. It is important to believe that this will pass no matter how long it will take. After all, you are committed in a relationship, what good is your commitment if you let it shake for a gloomy period.

Lack of understanding (about relationship): People do not understand relationships nowadays. It is mere a source of joy or getaway for them when they return from work. The day it stops producing enough joy for you, you start moving out in different directions to find that for yourself rather that having a conversation and bringing everything back to normal.

Conversations are very important in a relationship. Especially, the ones which makes you uncomfortable. You have been so close in a relationship that there should be absolutely nothing which can make you uncomfortable to share with each other. If there are any doubts, problems, misunderstanding, they should be cleared out by giving enough time to both the parties to explain their sides.

Excessive drugs and alcohol: Alcohol is accepted if had responsibly. Sometimes you forget your limits under the influence of it. The next day you wake up with regret and an affected soul. No matter how much you want to forget it, it will come haunting you when the weather strikes the same temperature. When you keep repeating this process, it stops affecting you and as your feeling are dead and you don’t feel the same anymore as you used to.

Fear of commitment: Today, people are scared of commitment. They are so used to of the short term happiness and to fill that void temporarily that they are unable to even think of spending their life with one person. They have forgotten that there are other important things than just sex which only a person who truly cares for you can provide.

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Over thinking: Excess of everything is bad. When we over think any situation it ruins everything. We make mistakes because of it. We increase expectations because of it. We ruin a particular moment. I know it is not easy to come out of it. But meditation helps. You are important for yourself and people living around you. You can at least take responsibility of yourself and thus take out some time for your own self without making any excuse.

Exposure and freedom: This has created another problem rather than solving one. A lot of exposure leaves a person confused about what does he/she really wants in life. Of course, freedom is important but taking wrong advantage of it is not acceptable. One must realize the mistake made by him/her and talk about it with their partner. Anybody can make mistake in toady’s world. If once apologized, that shouldn’t be repeated.

There is nothing like ”I don’t trust myself”. You need to respect yourself then other things would start coming to you like trust, loyalty and honesty.

Corporate life: Corporate life is famous for destroying relationships from a very long time. Work pressure being so much that you are not able to give proper time to a relationship. Your partner ends up diverting himself/herself to others to fill that void. Which further deteriorates everything and everyone around you.

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Feminism: Feminism has taken a wrong route. Feminism simply means equal rights for women. But this has taken a different path and is being used to suppress men. Equal rights means, having a single queue for both men and women. If someone offers a woman a place ahead of him/her, that is simply out of courtesy and not because of feminism. Feminism does not mean that women come ahead of men. It simply means that women have equal rights and opportunities as of men.

Financial conditions: Yes, finaces are important. You cannot survive without making a living. But, just because recession has hit and your partner has lost your job, does not mean you also leave him because it affected your lifestyle for a while. Everyone faces tough times, it is how you deal with it which makes you a better or worse person.

As famous rapper Drake says, “Don’t lose the love of your life, for the hoe of the night.” Which basically means don’t lose your lover over some casual sex. What a lover will provide you, casual sex will never be able to give you and in turn will leave you empty and sad from the inside. No matter how busy you are, one text that shows care will be enough to give your partner relief and assurance that you are thinking about them. Try to win your partner everyday. Cuz in this game, you will never lose and you will never win. Only if you keep the fight to win him/her, is when you will feel loads of happiness in small moments.

If you have made it to the end..

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