For Ex-Flatmates..!!

All my buds with the crate full of buds,,
and these sheesha chillum, piercing with the ear studs..
some joints also rolling n now we floating on the floods..
doc tests said we got beer positive bloods..
now who gives a fuck bout them gals callin on the phone..
if i pick it now she gna say u got a heart made of stone..
really ? ask my friends..who can die for me in seconds.
she say my ass is rich and only fit in s clas benz..
evryday i buy new only idol for the uber gentlemen
uber gentlemen? ur boyfrn look like uncle ben
older then his age.. but still watch pogo n shin chan..
he was busy with the guy..but dont ask me where n when..
i pity for u girl.. but wait smbdy took my beer can..
last sip of beer i took from mr. jain
tit for tat he said when he had my whole can
this guy sahil jain is a laughing buddha fan..
n this guy rishab a cigrete pack of ten..
akansh always found with old monk in his hand.,
passed like minutes.. months together that v spent..
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Author: Wotpost.


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