2018 FIFA World Cup Memes That Trended And Ruled The Internet

We millennial love memes and for the right reasons because it is a better way to cope with the hard life and ton of expectations that we have to go through without doing hard drugs or harming ourselves like our predecessors used to do.

The Fifa world cup initiated on 14 June and has reached the pinnacle of excitement, craziness and also has provided us with a lot of opportunities to create some memes that are worth the money and might even endure the test of time. Here are a few of them which were absolutely funny and will keep you laughing for time undefined:



fifa world cup memes

Need I say more?


fifa world cup memes

Duck when life throws a punch at you or a kick.


fifa world cup memes

The resemblance is remarkable.


fifa world cup memes

The G.O.A.T knows it all!


fifa world cup memes

“We know what you did right there”


fifa world cup memes

To commemorate the legends, here’s a meme for you.


fifa world cup memes

Ochoa-” I will find you and I won’t let you score”


fifa world cup memes

Well now we know that good strategies give you an edge in the game.


fifa world cup memes

Go; get your popcorn ready for the finals!


fifa world cup memes

When your girlfriend sticks with you just for your good face and amazing physique

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fifa world cup memes

“We can’t break the traditions”


fifa world cup memes

Now tell me, who is the real prince?


fifa world cup memes

Russia, where only bears, vodka and hard work survives


fifa world cup memes

Messi never looked any cuter


fifa world cup memes

“Whistle, whistle, whistle”


fifa world cup memes

What world cup is really about!


fifa world cup memes

But their leader Gru (Ibra) did not play this world cup.


fifa world cup memes

Knock Knock! Who’s there? Croatia! Croatia who? A Croatia (crow ate ya) World Cup dream.


fifa world cup memes

Lukaku and Kane join the club. Look at Toni Kroos though.


fifa world cup memes

It was never coming home.


fifa world cup memes

Poor guy never saw it coming.


fifa world cup memes

Well you had it coming for you, didn’t you? If you want to dive so much then go swimming or join the diving team of Brazil and get them an Olympic gold medal at least.

Hope you find these memes as funny as our dedicated team did. As the world cup proceeds we will have a lot more memes ready for you. Hope you are having an enjoyable world cup season. Still craving for more? Well we have just the right stuff for you. Click on the categories for more.

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