Marketing practices are ever-changing, especially in the internet age. Marketers now have access to various tools and resources to optimize their efforts. However, amidst these advancements, there’s a forgotten hero – fax marketing!

Although fax advertising has taken a backseat with the rapid rise of modern tactics, techniques like fax broadcasting can still work wonders for your organization. So, let’s dive in and discover everything you need to know about the world of fax marketing!

Has Anything Changed in Sending Faxes in Recent Years?

Previously, transmitting a fax demanded a physical fax machine. But behold! Thanks to the marvelous progress of technology, enterprises can now send faxes electronically sans the necessity of any tangible contraption. Behold once more, online fax services, such as Fax from iPhone, grant businesses the power to dispatch faxes straight from a smartphone or tablet. You only need to download for iOS fax app and go through the setup procedure, which takes up to 1 minute. It makes the faxing process much easier. Online faxing presents a wonderful opportunity to recover expenses within the office.

What Is Fax Marketing?

Sending out mass messages to a specific target market is what fax marketing is all about. It’s like telemarketing’s little cousin, focusing on promoting products or services using fax machines. Back in the 1980s, when fax machines were everywhere, fax advertising became a thing.

Today, with online fax services, you can take advantage of fax broadcasts. It lets you send fax marketing communications to many recipients at once, thanks to powerful fax servers. Depending on the service, fax blasting can be an effortless and highly effective way to do fax marketing.

Benefits of Fax Marketing

#1 Low price

Fax marketing offers a multitude of benefits that set it apart from traditional marketing methods. Firstly, it’s quick and affordable, making it a top choice for businesses on a budget. Unlike radio, TV, or print advertising, fax marketing doesn’t demand hefty investments or a large marketing team. All you need is a fax machine or an online faxing service, a recipient list, and a compelling message to send.

Moreover, faxing proves to be a much cheaper communication option compared to traditional direct mail. The costs of printing and sending physical letters can quickly accumulate. In contrast, faxing is a cost-effective alternative that promises a high return on investment.

#2 Improve brand awareness

If you’re looking to get your ads seen and make sure your message sticks, you might consider fax marketing. Unlike the ads bombarding people on social media, email, and the rest of the internet, sending ads through a fax machine offers a better chance of grabbing attention. It’s all about ad fatigue and how people handle marketing materials. That’s where fax broadcast campaigns come in handy. They’re a fresh marketing tactic that can boost the way customers perceive your brand, service, or product.

#3 Flexible customer targeting

Want to reach a wide audience? Fax marketing techniques have got you covered! You can target smaller businesses in your area or go big with international faxing. Plus, you can send ads to all your global contacts in one go.

Mix and match ads to suit your target audience in countless ways. It’s all in your hands—tailor your promotional efforts to different people and stand out from the crowd!

Best Practices for Fax Marketing

#1 Create a custom document design

When crafting your fax message, remember that fax machines have their quirks. They’re not exactly masters of high-quality images, so it’s crucial to opt for fax-friendly designs. Steer clear of fine lines or tiny text that could leave the recipient squinting and scratching their head. Keep it bold and readable for a smooth fax experience!

#2 The entire page is at your disposal

Picture this – you excitedly grab a freshly printed fax from the machine, only to find it half-filled. Awkward, right? And to make matters worse, your target audience may not respond as you hoped.

But fear not! There’s a simple solution – leverage the poster format to your advantage, for such purpose, it can be an online editor for creatives. Spread out those eye-catching graphics across the entire page. But hey, don’t just cram it with random words. Get creative with negative space and let your design shine!

#3 Ad Testing

Before you hit that “send” button on your fax advertisement, make sure to put it to the test! You want to ensure its effectiveness and reach your target audience, right? So, why not try sending some test faxes to different machines? This way, you can check if the image quality and font size are just right. And hey, don’t be shy to send test faxes to a small sample of your target audience. Their reaction to your message will give you some valuable insights.

Final Words

Fax marketing is an undeservedly forgotten tool that allows you to reach potential business clients often more effectively than email marketing and other types of advertising. The ability to directly send an offer to a company and see that it has been read is a guarantee of the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Moreover, this method is used infrequently, which means you can benefit from it.

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