Fantasy of my life..!!

My head is full of fuckin rhymes man..
Lyk i’ma murder these diaries wid my pen..
somebody get me a mic..
let me throw some words on my fan..
curtain call man.. roses fallin at my feet..again n again..
you come to watch my show, droppin all plan..
Cuz they can’t ride with a i can..
to see me rappin in th parkin jammed..
my enemies slammed..
am makin upfront..shit aint crammed,,,
i can ruin ur a computer
is all spammed…weed in my fingers..
drink in ma hand..
bentley door opens..i got all glam..
beauties snatchin my get just a touch of my hand..
they b makin me ambassador of my favourite brand..
and now i charge to wear and not charged to wear..
u need to know the luxury before u wear…
all black bodyguard i dun need to fear..
plus a glock on my back.. so let me make it clear..
u dun fuck wid me i dun fuck wid u dear..
i got a lambo in garage when it comes to steer..
budweiser u fav brand of beer..
windows glide a litl n they start to cheer..
let me praise the lord for this fine career..
and wish to write even more prettier..
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Author: Wotpost.


I am Saurabh Jindal, the show runner at Wotpost. I am a content marketing professional who have helped some big names in their journey of content. I have been following memes from a decade and love to be a part of pop cult. Hanging out with friends and doing all things hip-hop is my favorite pastime.


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