Olight a well-established name in the world of flashlights, has tons of top-notch flashlights catering to the needs of every individual needs. Swivel Pro is one of their many indispensable work light that caters to the needs of the working class! If you are on the hunt of navigating a top-notch work light then Swivel Pro is definitely a worthy contender. 

By having Olight’s Swivel Pro work light you can tap into a handful of advanced flashlight features. Its exceptional functionality makes it possible for users to perform nemours tasks with convenience without any illumination shortage. Curious how it functions? what are its features? or how it can help you? 

If so, let’s dive deep into the specifics of Swivel Pro and gather info about the awesome benefits it can hook you up with:  

In-Depth Analysis Of Swivel Pro Flashlight

Being a foldable and rotatable work light Swivel Pro primarily caters to the needs of working outdoors, repairing in dark areas, outdoor illumination and emergency lighting. From a range of illumination features to durable practical functionalities Swivel Pro packs a hefty deal of perks as a work light. 

So, to know about those perks let’s do an in-depth analysis of Olight’s work light: 

  • Rigid Build

A work light is rigorously used in harsh working conditions if it lacks durability a lot of trouble can arise for its user. So, to make Swivel Pro capable of withstanding harsh environments a durable material ABS+PC; PA is utilized in production. 

Being a rigid build works light Swivel Pro comes with an IPX4 rating allowing you to use the worklight without worrying about water splashes, heat or minor wear and tear.  

  • Conveniently Rechargeable

Coming with a modern-day charging option USB-C Olight’s work light can be efficiently recharged within 3.5 hours. After a single recharge battery Swivel Pro can last an impressive 84 hours on its run time floodlight white light low mode. 

While the run time varies on the usage the USB-C still gives the work light an efficient option to keep it going for even longer. 

  • Adjustable Mounting

Placing the light at your desired spot is one thing that you can do with Swivel Pro while using it at work. To enable workers to place the flashlight effortlessly, Swivel Pro comes with a 180-degree vertical and 150-degree adjustable mount.  

Along with that, there are three powerful magnets that allow users to place light on any iron surface. Eventually, the adjustable mounting contributes to the efficiency and convenience of Swivel Pro usability.  

  • Distinct Lighting Levels

With a floodlight and a spotlight, there are multiple brightness levels provided by Swivel Pro to workers to utilise the illumination to their comfort. The 5 brightness levels include:

  • Medium Brightness
  • High Brightness 
  • Low Brightness
  • Red Light
  • Flashing Red Light 

Each level can be used in accordance with the work you are performing! While brightness levels are useful for illumination red light can be of significant value for security uses. 

  • Efficient Use & Portability 

Clip-style hook with wth tripod hole and an easy-to-access on/off button on the side make for the robust and efficient design of Olight’s Swivel Pro. The spotlight provided in Swivel Pro makes up for the portability issues that you may have due to size. 

How spotlight help? Well, the spotlight in the work light is capable of providing a focused beam to a distance of 213ft to have better visibility.

Technical Description of Swivel Pro Work Light

1,100 lumens max light output from the red, and white COB light and 220 lumens from white light LED to create the robust illumination of Swivel Pro. To support the light brightness for longer times built-in 18650*2/1S2P/3.7V/5200mAh/19.24Wh battery is installed in the work light.

A type-c charging capable is provided with the work light for you to charge the massive 5200mAh battery. 

Why Choose Olight’s Swivel Pro? 

The abundance of light delivered by Swivel Pro during work can improve your working efficiency and allow you to finish a lot of crucial tasks. Indirectly, it enhances your working capacities and opens room for better opportunities.  

Further, Swivel Pro work light is an ideal pick for many individuals, rating the product with an astounding rating of 4.8 out of 5. While its functions are immensely valuable for workers it can be used for distinct work. 


Olight is a reputable brand that provides quality products such as Swivel Pro with rechargeable batteries promoting sustainability. Swivel Pro is one of the reliable work lights that any outdoor enthusiast or worker can get to illuminate the dark with the adjustable mounting it offers. 

By getting the work light you can reap the benefit of multiple brightness levels with two different lights, capable of running for a considerable amount of time. 

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