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Easy ways to naturally keep your stomach healthy

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You may have experienced that if your stomach is not fit, you’d constantly feel weird, irritated and annoyed. Your entire day would pass with a constant worry about your stomach not being well. Leaving you sad and unsatisfied at the end of the day.

You then resort to antacids, Eno, stomach regulators or other drugs to make you feel comfortable. But then also giving you the guilt of your life being dependent on medicines.

In this fast paced life, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy and a balanced diet. Everyone would advise you to have a fiber rich diet. But then, how many times do we end up snacking on a fruit? It has become a luxury nowadays. If someone offers, we get to eat.

Otherwise, our taste buds never allow us to pass one single day without chomping on burgers, pizzas and many other such fast food items which are claimed to be unhealthy for us.

Our parents forces us to do more physical activities and to eat home cooked food. While on the other hand, our fast paced life doesn’t allow us to keep everything at tab and thus we resort to a very unhealthy lifestyle.

While I am giving you a hope of still having a chance to keeping your body healthy, at the same time not really changing the food eating habits and our usual lifestyle, it still cannot match the happiness, relaxation and a sense of relief you’d achieve when you follow a physical workout habit with a healthy diet.

Our stomach has a huge role in keeping us happy and vice versa. There are a lot of reasons for stomach going different places. Anxiety, lack of sleep, tension, unhealthy eating habits, heavy doses of medicine, heat in stomach etc.

If your mind is not relaxed, it will directly impact your stomach. Similarly, if your stomach is not healthy, it will affect your moods.

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Keeping your mind at peace:

This is extremely important. You need to learn to laugh more. No matter what, there will always be tensions in life, pressure from different people and what not. But that does not mean they should impact your living especially your normal functioning of the mind. Of course it is easier said than done. But the point is, it is doable.

With time and with regular practice, you can manage to handle stress and anxiety. You need to first accept a particular situation. Rather than being worried about it, start thinking about the solution for the same. If you are unable to find a solution, take help. There will always be someone out there who will help you. You need to ask for it though. And in all of this, you need to be true to yourself.


  1. Accept a particular situation. Accept that it is happening and avoiding it to have temporary happiness will only aggravate the situation.
  2. Figure out if there is any way to get rid of it forever.
  3. If not, figure out how you can solve the problem. Keeping the resources at hand, figure out your capabilities to solve it.
  4. If this doesn’t work out, seek out for help and advise. Talk to people.

You need to remember that anxiety can be addressed by accepting it as your friend. Rather than fearing it and trying to run away from it, accept it and learn from it.

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Consume lots of water:

AT LEAST 2 LITERS A DAY! Yes, you need to consume at least 2 liters of water everyday. You need to buy a copper bottle for yourself. Scientifically proven, water stored in copper bottles is extremely healthy for stomach and body. You need to consume water as soon as you wake up. You can start from drinking 1 glass of water and then move yourself to consuming 1 liter of water. This may sound to you like OMG!, how can someone drink 1 liter of water in one go(you don’t think the same while gulping down the beer, do you?).  But drinking 1 liter water every morning is not difficult. In fact, it is very easy to do. If I can do it, you can do it too. Start small but have a goal in mind.

Remember to buy copper bottle/vessel. Though, you may not see results instantaneously, but in a longer run, you will feel it.

If you consume a lot of coffee, try sipping on water after sometime. After half an hour of you consuming coffee, drink at least a cup of water. If you cannot do that, then cut down your caffeine intake.

If you are into consuming alcoholic drinks, try to dilute it with water. Also, once your drink session ends, and you go to sleep. There is high chance you will wake before your usual waking up cycle. As and when you wake up, consume a lot of water and then go back to sleep. If it doesn’t happen, then consume lemon juice with water the next day morning.


Make sure to consume curd or yogurt at least once daily. It replenishes good bacteria in your stomach. Curd is full of lactobacillus. Bacteria that is responsible to keep the stomach healthy. Recommended time is with lunch.

Milk before sleep:

Try to consume a glass of cow milk or skimmed milk before you go to bed. Milk helps in easy digestion of the food eaten in the entire day and also normalizes the stomach. If you are lactose intolerant, try to sip on a glass of lukewarm water before you go to sleep. It will also be helpful for a better throat.

If you cannot drink milk, then opt for honey and lemon water early morning right after waking up.

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Full sleep and relax:

This is extremely important. Have you heard the term, ‘Happy go lucky’. It is true. So, if you are able to keep yourself happy and relaxed in most of the situation, you will not face stomach related issues too. Most of the problems in the stomach is caused by unsound mind. And most of the problems in the body is caused by unhealthy stomach.

8 hours of sleep is necessary. If you cannot sleep for that long, then do not compromise on at least 6 hours of sleep. Take some time out for yourself everyday which is away from cell phones, any other gadgets etc. Just spend that time with yourself. Do not watch laptop, mobile, TV for at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Opt for books. You will see that with time you are able to get sound and fulfilling sleep.

Also, if you can just stretch your entire body for 5 minutes right before you sleep. You will feel much more relaxed and fall asleep a lot quicker. You only need to do normal stretching and not stress your body!

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I know, I know how desperately you want to get fit. But just like many others, you also have the same excuse of not having time for yourself. But do you know what, exercise is not just important to keep your mind and body fit. But there are many other reasons to stay fit that will motivate you to workout regularly. If you are planning to hit the gym and are a vegetarian, you would need a protein diet to follow for vegetarians.

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