EA Sports FC 24 has taken the gaming world by storm, and players are constantly seeking ways to gain an edge on the virtual pitch. One of the key elements to success in EA Sports FC is setting up your camera and controller preferences to match your style of play. In this article, MMOexp will delve into the details of EA Sports FC 24’s camera and controller settings, as explained by a seasoned EA Sports FC player. So, grab your controller, pay close attention, and get ready to elevate your game.

Controller Settings

First and foremost, let’s talk about controller settings, a crucial aspect of your EA Sports FC experience. These settings can make or break your gameplay, so it’s important to find the configuration that suits you best. Here’s a breakdown of the essential controller settings:

Control Scheme: Our EA Sports FC expert prefers the classic control scheme for shooting. This involves using the Circle or B button depending on your console. While some opt for the alternate control scheme, it’s largely a matter of personal preference.

Time Finishing: Time Finishing can be a game-changer if mastered, but it can also lead to missed opportunities if not used properly. If you’re new to it, consider turning it off initially and practicing with it later.

Auto Flare Passes: This setting is turned off by default in competitive mode, and it’s generally advisable to keep it that way unless you have a specific reason to use it.

Passing Assistance: The level of passing assistance is crucial for accurate passing. The default setting, “semi” for through passes and “assisted” for ground passes, works well for most players. However, you may adjust it to your liking.

Pass Power Sensitivity: Reducing pass power sensitivity from high to normal can significantly improve pass accuracy. This setting is often overlooked but can make a big difference.

Clearance Assistance: For clearance, “directional” is preferred over “classic” due to the greater control it offers.

Defending: Tactical defending is the go-to choice for most players, but it’s important to understand that it mainly affects physical battles, not tackling. The setting for tackling remains consistent across tactical and advanced defending.

Right Stick Switching: It’s advisable to keep this setting on “classic” rather than “wall relative.” “Player relative” is the preferred choice here.

Right Stick Switching Sensitivity: Finding the right sensitivity is essential. It’s suggested to start with a sensitivity setting of 5 and adjust it based on your preferences.

Player Lock: Player lock is a powerful tool that can enhance your gameplay. Don’t hesitate to utilize it when needed.

Camera Settings

Now, let’s delve into the camera settings, where the magic truly happens. The right camera can provide you with a clearer view of the pitch and help you make better decisions. Here are the recommended camera settings:

Preset: Competitive is the default preset for online matches, so it’s best to stick with it.

Camera Type: Choosing the right camera type is crucial for your gameplay style. The top three choices are “Tele,” “Broadcast,” and “Co-op.” “Tele” is excellent for dribbling enthusiasts, providing a close-up view of your player. “Broadcast” and “Co-op” offer wider perspectives, making them ideal for players who prefer over-the-top through balls.

Zoom: Be aware that there might be a glitch causing the Zoom setting to revert to “Free” when it should be set to “Zero.” Check this setting before every game to ensure it’s at your preferred level.

Height: The height setting largely depends on your personal preference. Feel free to experiment and find the height that suits you best.

    Net Tension: Keep this setting at the default value.

Shape and Meshing: Again, stick with the default setting here.

Radar: While 3D radar may look cooler, 2D is generally recommended for its simplicity and ease of use.

Radar Colors: Customize the radar colors to your liking. Having a consistent color scheme helps with player identification.

Online Settings

Lastly, let’s look at some important online settings:

Matchmaking Options: Keep this option turned on at all times. It helps you find suitable opponents more easily.

Cross Play: Decide whether you want to play against users on other platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, PC) or restrict your matches to players on your own platform. The choice is yours, but it can affect your gameplay experience.


In EA Sports FC 24, mastering your camera and controller settings can be the key to success on the virtual pitch. The settings provided in this guide are based on the experience and preferences of a seasoned EA Sports FC player. However, remember that the best settings for you ultimately depend on your unique playing style and preferences. MMOexp.com will provide you with FC 24 Coins buy service, and more discounts and surprises are waiting for you.

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