There are certain TV shows or movies that make a good impression on the audience. Many movie lovers certainly dissect and analyze that content to find the underlying cause of the story and the writer’s perspective.

One such movie is Ocean’s 8 that made quite an uproar and created a lot of buzz upon its release back in 2018. You may know or have even watched this movie if you are a fan of the Ocean series.

The first movie in the series, Ocean’s 11, came out in 1960. A remake of that movie came out in late 2001 which included a star-studded cast from George Clooney to Brad Pitt and turned out to be a raging success. It soon turned into a series as the next movie, Ocean’s 12, came out in 2004, and the third one, Ocean’s 13, came out in 2007.

The trilogy from 2001-2007 caught the audience’s attention and became quite popular for its themes of heists, robbing money, and casinos. The series became known on a global scale and popularized the concept of heist movies. Watching all these entertaining gambling movies would have made you wish you were one of those characters in the movie at least once. Of course, you would need to know at least one of the two things: the art of theft and/or casino business aspects. Although we do not recommend the first one, you can learn about gambling and find many guides where you’ll find all the slot machine symbols explained or information about playing games like, Poker, Blackjack, etc.

Contrary to the trilogy, Ocean’s 8 was different than the rest of the movies. Ocean’s 8 differed in that it included an all-female cast. A star-studded female cast was not common and having 8 actresses in one movie was much less normal.

Why Having an All-Female Cast Was Important for the Ocean’s Series

Sandra Bullock, along with Rihanna, Awkwafina, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson, and Mindy Kaling made up the cast for the movie. The writers of Ocean’s 8 didn’t shy away from trying to make women stand out more in the entertainment industry and in general.

The movie promoted themes of female empowerment and feminism. The movie sent out the message that women are just as capable as men in any field or area. If men were capable of plotting, and executing a heist, women were too.

This also created a fresh change of perspective in the movie genre that was being dominated by male actors. Ocean’s 8 was one step in the right direction to challenge gender stereotypes and change patriarchal-dominated thinking.

Bullock has also spoken about Ocean’s 8 and expressed how glad she was to be a part of the movie. “It felt like it was a long time coming,” Bullock spoke to People magazine. “Too long if you ask me — which you did — but I’m just so grateful that it happened. It felt like we had all been kept in solitary confinement from each other.”

Mindy Kaling also opened up about being part of an all-female cast. Moreover, she shared her experience collaborating with the other actresses while shooting for the movie.

She said, “I looked forward to coming to work every day because I was bubbling over with questions. With that many accomplished and cool women, there wasn’t enough time in the day to get to know everyone as much as I wanted.”

The Value of Working Hard and Diligently

If you have seen the movie, you know how well each of the characters is written and how well the actresses played them. Each of the characters in the movie is an expert in their respective field or area.

The quality of being an expert is an important character trait. Everyone used their skills and knowledge to pull off a heist perfectly.

At the beginning of the movie, there’s a scene where Bullock steals items from a store and checks in a hotel room under someone else’s name without getting caught. That scene is played out so well and it shows us how smart Bullock’s character truly is.

All the people getting conned in that scene don’t appear to be incapable, rather just getting outsmarted. That is also the reason the ladies successfully pulled off the heist. They were always at the top of their game and made sure to not mess up anywhere.

Their hard work and organizational skills to become successful at the end of the movie show us that working hard and diligently will never disappoint us. Things may not happen overnight but will happen someday.


You may have watched the series several times if you are a fan of the Ocean’s franchise or in particular, this movie. However, it’s not a bad idea to watch it now if you haven’t yet – you won’t be disappointed.

Fans surely had many thoughts and opinions about this movie when it first came out. Many people wondered whether the movie was about female empowerment, gender stereotypes, or just another entertaining movie. While this movie was the first step in the correct direction, hopefully, it wasn’t the last.

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