3-way handicap bet is the door to book the new version that many bookmakers like Hi 88 provide. The novelty in the way of playing as well as the extremely high payout rate are important factors that help this match quickly gain attention. However, many people still do not fully understand what the 3-way handicap is and how to conquer it. Let’s explore all about 3-way betting in the following article.

An overview of 3-way handicap betting

In order to help bettors not get bored when betting on football, bookmakers always refresh themselves with many changes. One of the best ways to add more fun to the game is to create new bets. From Asian odds, over-under goals, European odds, you have gradually become familiar with side bets such as corner kicks, penalty cards, cross bets, and odd even. 3-way handicap bet is the latest bet introduced by the bookmakers.

On the betting odds table, if you see the 3W Handicap, 3 Way Handicap or 3 Way Handicap all refer to the 3 way handicap. This is a form of betting that rounds the ball handicap to a natural number n such as handicap 1, handicap 2, handicap 3. So you will no longer see odd numbers like 0.25, 0.5 and 0. .75 like normal Asian odds.

3-way handicap is of interest to many bettors

How to recognize 3-way handicap bets

3-way bets have a few important characteristics that help players easily recognize them.

  • This type of odds is a mixture of the form of Asian odds and the playing style of European odds. Accordingly, the 3-way handicap still has the same handicap as the handicap, however there will only be 3 cases including win, loss and draw based on the match score. Remember that in Asian handicap there is also the case of losing half money, winning half money and there is no draw result with 1/2 bet.
  • 3-way handicap bet has a handicap that is rounded to a positive integer. Instead of the ratios 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, you will choose handicap 1, handicap 2, handicap 3,…
  • The payout rate of 3-way bets is much higher than that of regular handicap bets. It is also divided into first half bets, whole match bets, and second half bets so players can easily follow and choose when to bet.

Specific example of 3-way handicap betting

Join Hi88 for a specific example of 3-way handicap to better understand how to play this soccer betting.

Suppose in the match between Chelsea and Liverpool, according to the 3W Handicap, Chelsea handicaps the opponent by 1 goal with the odds of choosing Chelsea 1 to 12,put Liverpool 1 to 0.5. You bet $100, the following situations will occur:

  • Chelsea wins by 2 goals or more (2 – 0, 3 – 1, 4 – 2), betting on Chelsea will win $100 x 12 = $1200. The player who bet on Liverpool lost $100.
  • Liverpool draws or even wins (0 – 0, 1 – 1, 1 – 2): the player who chooses Liverpool will win $100 x 0.5 = $50. The player who bet on Chelsea lost $100.
  • Chelsea beat Liverpool by exactly 1 goal (1 – 0, 2 – 1, 3 – 2): bettors choose Chelsea and Liverpool to draw and both will receive a $100 bet refund.

3-way handicap betting is suitable for which players?

Based on the characteristics of 3-way bets, it can be seen that this type of handicap bet is only suitable for:

  • We strongly believe that the upper team will win more than the handicap because the payout rate is extremely attractive, much better than the handicap.
  • Players have an adventurous style, like to risk a lot, and want to win big. Probability to win 3-way handicap bet is significantly lower with Asian handicap. But if you want to quickly make money, 3-way betting is an option not to be missed.

3-way handicap betting is not for perfectionists

Tips for entering a 3-way handicap without worrying about getting caught wrong

The following suggestions have helped many people invest in 3-way bets effectively.

Choose the spread match

Players should choose 3-way handicap bet In matches with large differences between the two teams. Thus, the possibility for that club to win by a margin is higher and bring the bettor of the 3-way bet “back to shore”.


Update odds continuously

Odds or ball handicap represent the perspective of the betting market and the house on the match. Based on the fluctuation of odds according to handicap, you can know whether to choose the upper or lower team.

According to experience, if the odds increase by 1, you should trust the team above. If the odds decrease by 1to On the contrary, you should favor the underdog team to clear 3-way handicap bet. Especially in cases where the odds are 2-hybrid, the usual method is not applied, but the underdog team deserves to be trusted.

Realize the correlation between 3-way odds and other types

As mentioned, 3-way odds are closely related to handicap odds. In addition, you can also consider the over/under bet to know whether you should enter a 3-way handicap or not. For example, if the bookmaker only sets the over score at 2 goals, it means the match will be very tense and difficult to score. At that time, you should not choose a 3-way bet but switch to playing other bets similar to the bet on the team to score the first goal, for example.

Experience in undefeated 3-way betting in soccer betting


Above is the information that Hi88 has compiled to bring you more knowledge 3-way handicap bet. If you are interested in this form of soccer betting, visit bookmaker Hi88 for the highest and most transparent payout rates.

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