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Different Types Of Shoes For Men – Must Have

different types of shoes -brogues

Shoes enhances the overall personality of a man. Woman really understand this and thus she will never mind getting nice pair of footwear on any occasion.

But when it comes to a man, many of us really do not care about what sort of shoes we are wearing and that too with which type of outfit. Thinking that nobody really pays attention on the ground and what is just above them. But, that is not the case!

Believe me, I have seen people wearing sports shoes with a full suit!

Just like a tie or a watch perfects your entire look, footwear are a critical part of the entire wardrobe. After all, unlike women, how many accessories does a man have to amplify his look. Thus, it is important to pay attention to every small detail of your attire to look sharp.

It is important that a man’s wardrobe has different types of shoes for himself.

I am using heavy words like wardrobe, well the kind of shoes that I am suggesting you is not only for fashion enthusiasts but for common man like us. So. don’t be afraid. There are some of the essentials that you need to keep in your shoe stand all the time.

Before we proceed, just like every person is different, their choices are different and based on their personality different outlook suits them. Hence, I am sharing different type of shoes for men which would go along your personality. There is no hard and fast rule, just pick what you like and wear with confidence but yeah, there are some basic rules to follow.

Broadly, footwear can be defined into 3 different categories, Formal, Semi-Formal and Causal. Just make sure you don’t mix them with each other. Find out the complete detailed description of different types of shoes for men.

Moving on further, there are some terms which are commonly used but we hardly understand the differences between them like the one displayed in the above picture are full brogues oxford shoes.

Hence, I will also help you understand those different type of shoes and how you can easily make a choice when you are in that showroom and got eyes on two models that you shortlisted. Let us start with parts of shoes:

parts of shoes


Structure of laced shoes can broadly be divided into two, oxfords and brogues. The difference is created by how a shoe is sewn. Oxfords carry a perfect formal look as the shoelace eyelets are completely attached with the vamp(also called closed lacing).

On the other hand, Derby shoes have shoelace eyelets sewn on the top of the vamp(also called open lacing). Even if they are made of full leather, they still do not carry the sharp look as oxfords.

But like I said, depending on the personality you can choose what style suits you better. If you are a little less caring, flamboyant type of person go for Derby.

If you want a sleek, sharp and elegant look, nothing can match oxfords.

different types of shoes oxford and derby shoes


Shoes which are made of different leather pieces and has hard upper leather(usually). They are designed with perforations(designing with small holes). Full brogues will have those neatly drawn perforations on all the pieces.Similarly, there are semi brogues and quarter brogues. Brogues can be Formal or semi-formal depending upon the type of material you choose.

different types of shoes for men - brogues


Boat shoes, as the name suggests, they were originally designed so that they doesn’t slip on a wet deck of boat. But later on, they became a part of casual attire. They come with shoelaces and are easy and comfy to wear.

Loafers can also be described as slip ons. They do not have laces and are made of soft leather.

Both of these can be worn with a semi formal attire or a casual attire.

loafers shoes and boat shoes


Sneakers or sports shoes are basically designed for sports wear and other forms of physical exercises. Nowadays, they are being worn casually for everyday activities. Because of its comfy fit, they become the most preferred outdoor shoes.

There is a small difference between sports and sneakers. Sneakers are designed to go along with your everyday outfit. And sports shoes are designed keeping in mind to keep the feet relaxed and provide extra edge in the sport it is designed for. You will understand the comfort they provide only when you will do some physical workout in other type of footwears(even sneakers). For running, jogging, gymming or any other workout type that you are engaged in, it is important to have a pair of sports shoes.

different types of shoes for men


Boots can be called as luxury for any common man’s wardrobe. They are not necessary but it is good to have them. When you are in a mood to wear something for a change, boots come to rescue.

They add more masculinity and personality to your entire outfit. Since they are a little longer than ankle length, they are clearly visible with your outfit and hence it is important to pick the right color for your boots. My most preferred is Timberland classic suede boots.

timberland classic boot

I would like to conclude by saying, essentially it is important to have at least 3 variety of shoes which will go along with any of your outfit. You must keep a formal pair, a semi formal and casual shoes.

Cheat sheet for choosing at least which 3 to keep:

1.  Full brogues(Oxfords), Slip on Loafers, Laced sneakers

2. Derby formal shoes, Boat shoes, Sports

3. Quarter/Half brogues(Oxfords), Slip on loafers, Sports

4. Brogues derby shoes, Sneakers, Boots

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