Who Is Deepak Kalal? Viral Internet Celebrity Famous For Cross Gender Humor

The name ‘Deepak Kalal’  isn’t unheard of.

You must have heard it, read about it and saw his numerous videos on YouTube and various other social media platforms. But do you really know everything about him? Well, here’s what you need to know about this Indian YouTuber and Blogger famous for his signing off signature ‘moh’ and weird cross gender humor.

Personal Life

45 years old Deepak Kalal is an Indian Youtuber and Blogger who frequently posts hilarious videos on his Instagram and Youtube profiles.

In his initial days, he gained popularity by uploading his personal videos that were usually shot in Kashmir as he wanted everyone to know the love he has for Kashmir. After gaining attention from these videos, he went on to make adult, cross gender humor videos by associating himself with people, places and objects.

However, he made headlines recently with his wedding announcement with the controversy queen ‘Rakhi Sawant’.

Social Profile

With a massive fan following on Instagram, thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel, several fans and haters alike, this internet celebrity has gained quite a following in the last few years. He keeps posting videos of him doing weirdly funny stuff. Sometimes, even his mother joins him in the videos doing a whole lot of stuff.

From taking reviews from foreigners about Kasmir to demanding the body of Sunny Leone, this YouTuber comes up with some weirdly funny content that he portrays as desi humor.

deepak kalal

The first video that he posted was on September 22, 2017, on his YouTube channel where he interviewed two Austrian tourists in an attempt to prove that media was lying about the safety of tourists in Kashmir. And that every tourist doesn’t feel the same way. The video has 47,891 views to date.

From there on, he went to post regular images and videos on various social media platforms.

On October 


His Facebook page goes by the name of DeepakKalal @OfficialDeepakKalal. It was created on 28th July, 2017 and within a short span of time, he has created a strong fan base on this platform as well. He has around 162,294 people that like his Facebook page and over 247,112 people who follow him.


Deepak Kalal was born on 19th October 1972 to a middle-class Marathi family from Pune. The family later moved to Los Angeles, USA. According to reports, his family went through a rough patch during the time when Deepak was in high school. For the same reason, he couldn’t pursue his graduation after he finished his board exams.

deepak kalal

Later on, he pursued a course in hotel management from a college in Bandra, Mumbai. After he completed the course, he managed to land a job of a receptionist in one of the three-stars hotels in Mumbai itself. Though later on the social media bug caught him and he started creating funny videos. He started gaining popularity with his adult humor-filled videos when he posted a video saying,’ Modiji me aapko pappi dunga’.

According to Deepak, he has a huge fan following from Pakistan and Bangladesh. However, Indians are not yet aware of the kind of talent he has.

Biggest controversy so far

The biggest controversy so far was his wedding announcement with the very popular (loud-mouth) actress Rakhi Sawant. The wedding announcement also claimed that SRK was going to be there for the wedding in Los Angeles.

According to the invite, the wedding was planned to take place on December 31. The wedding invite read, “Together with their families, Deepak Kalal weds Rakhi Sawant. Two loving hearts are getting united and making a promise to be in love forever”.

However, it all turned out to be a hoax and several videos have appeared after the wedding never took place, that showed them posing as husband wife.

Early life and Family

Deepak belongs to a middle-class Hindu family from Pune. He spent his childhood mostly in Los Angles for which he keeps posting his childhood pictures as nostalgic memories. His father’s name is Vasant Kalal, who was an engineer working for the Municipal corporation in Mumbai before the family shifted to Los Angeles. Deepak’s mother is Lolo Kalal who is a housewife.

deepak kalal

She is also a part of the videos that Deepak keeps up.loading on his different social media platforms. She sometimes plays a character or just plays the role of Deepak’s mother where he continues performing his nonsensical comedy scripts while she plays the accomplice.

Kalal also has an elder sister named, ‘Vrushali Kalal’ who is apparently an actress and a politician. He never got any professional training for blogging and video making but became a sensation by uploading a video that he had shot way back in 2011.

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Professional career

Deepak has established himself as a celebrity on various social media platforms. He even claims that he received an invitation to be a part of ‘Bigg Boss’ which he denied. After his viral videos started gaining mass attention, he started posting more and more videos while he traveled and also performed.

deepak kalal

He is the brand ambassador of one of the Kashmir based tourist websites as he also believes that he is a travel blogger. Throughout his acting career, he has managed to attract haters and ugly comments which you can easily see at any of his videos.

However, the same led him to be one of those people whom Ranveer Singh knows about. With his tie-up with Rakhi Sawant regarding a marriage hoax, he seems to be doing pretty good in terms of income. His net worth as of today is around 1.25 crores. His career mainly relies on sponsors and Youtube and the ads through which he is able to get a regular income of around 10-15 lakhs per month.

Video that helped him gain popularity

The Indian Idol video

This video was uploaded last year in the month of January which was the time when Deepak started gaining attention from the Bollywood industry. He performed his usual act sharing the table with Karan Johar, Malika Arora, and Kirron Kher. The video showed him judging the performance of a constant which was interrupted by Malika, as all she wanted to hear was Deepak speaking.

Several celebs find Deepak intriguingly humorous and can’t help but feel amused about him. This is one of the most prominent videos that portray the USP of this celebrity. The video gained around 108,596  views and thereby established Kalal as one of the celebrities.

He even judges fashion shows and reality Tv shows now, for which he charges a significant amount.

Marriage with Rakhi Sawant

deepak kalal with Rakhi sawant

After this, another video of Deepak and Rakhi announcing their marriage went viral. The video declared the details of their marriage and gained over 131,926 views so far.

After this video, both of them went on to appear in a series of controversial videos. A video by the caption of ‘Me wd ma wife’ was uploaded on Depak’s Instagram handle that showed the couple lip-syncing on a Bollywood song declaring their love for each other.

The video had went on to receive around 102,945 views so far.

Deepak launching Rakhi Silicon dolls for horny youth

A video in which both Deepak and Rakhi featured, talked about launching a series of Silicon dolls after Rakhi Sawant in order to bring down the number of rape cases. The caption of the video was,’Mumbai me li ek Press Conference me Los Angeles based Bollywood Celebrity Deepak Kalal ka bayaan Saamne aaya he… Deepak Kalal Says “I’m cumming up with our New product called Rakhi Sawant Doll… It is a Soft Silicon Doll jo Samaj Me hone wale Balatkar par rok Lagayegi… Ye doll se bhog karke ladke thande ho jayenge Aur Wo Galat kaam nahi karenge.’

Deepak’s agenda behind this was a good cause as he believed that the horny youth can use the silicon doll to satisfy themselves and hence, not rape anyone. The video again received mixed reactions but the views went over 60,194.

Featuring in Times of India

After a trail of videos was uploaded on Deepak’s profile, he started gaining popularity with each passing day. It went on to make him a viral figure. Times of India also covered the story of how the fan base of Deepak and Rakhi went on to increase after their videos.

The video was about the reach of Deepak and Rakhi amongst the actors of B-town. Apparently, after Deepak shared his Indian Idol video on his page, he started gaining popularity.

The video went on to get 39,824 views.

The Valentine Day message video

On 14th Feb, Deepak posted a video on his Instagram account in which he tried to give the message, ‘Life Me Kuch Bada Karo….. Kya ye Valentine ki Bakchodi Kar Rahe Ho…. Tag a Girl who wants to date me today…’. The video went on to receive around 50k views. It clearly proved that the marriage with Rakhi Sawant was a publicity stunt and that he is all available to date and start a new relationship. The video was uploaded from Los Angeles, California which is Deepak’s second home.


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Keep Kashmir clean video

Since Deepak claims to love Kashmir and has uploaded several videos from the same place, once again on 17th Feb he uploaded another one of his made up videos. This time he had a strong message though. The video caption read, ‘Keep Kashmir Neat and Clean……Social Message from Deepak Kalal ( Brand Ambassador Of Kashmir ). I Also want Delhi Neat and Clean Specialy CP Area….. Kashmir has very good Climate….Kashmir me Carbon die Oxide ni he aur Pani me Protain he… Kashmiri Apple me F Vitamin he….Moww..’.


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Nevertheless, the video showed a man throwing garbage and immediately Deepak comes to the rescue where he preaches how clean European countries are and how we all should try and keep Kashmir clean. The video went on to have around 51,411 views so far.

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Mirchi kantap by MIRCHI HARSHI- Deepak Kalal-The Zeher

The never ending nonsensical videos of Deepak Kalal are flooding the social media platforms and keeping the same fact in mind, RJ Harshi from radio mirchi came up with a Mirchi Kantap video that was basically to mock Deepak and boycott him from the internet. However, the same video was shared by Deepak on his official Instagram account where RJ Harshi is seen mocking Deepak to the core.

The video was uploaded by Deepak with the caption, ‘ @mirchi_harshi …….So Funny Ma Baby…..love u Bhoww….sorry Moww…. ( stay Tuned for Radio Mirchi Mumbai..). The video has around 27,583 views.

Deepak at Haryana State Commission For Women

Given the unusual fan base and the misunderstood talents of Deepak, the Haryana State Commission of women wanted to have a face to face meeting with this self-declared social media celebrity.

Deepak Kalal was apparently called by the Haryana Commission for women as they were concerned about the fact that if he has such a massive following, why do people only fill his comments sections with hate. He was questioned and asked why he does what he does.

The full video was uploaded on his YouTube channel which has around 94,870 views till now. The lady official can be seen strictly questioning him about his talents and why doesn’t he use his reach to spread good messages.

In the end, he claims that he has understood the fact that he needs to use his popularity for good cause and also recited his life story in a poem form.

Deepak Kalal and his mother

Its had been a while since Deepak posted a video with his mother. The latest video was uploaded on his Instagram and YouTube channel that showed him doing his usual, desi humor where his mother is his accomplice. Two videos were uploaded back to back on his Instagram profile which received around 70k views combined. the same video was posted as a combined video on his YouTube channel that gained around 55,747 views.

The videos revolved around Deepak behaving his usual self in which he pretends to overly exaggerate a situation.

Controversial videos

Deepak Kalal thrashed

The most recent controversy related to Deepak occurred in January 2019. During one of his visits to Gurgaon, a group of men including a man called Deepak Nadal thrashed this internet sensation. The entire ordeal was shown live on Deepak’s Youtube channel. According to Mr. Nadal, who is a producer, Kalal’s videos are full of adult humor and semi-nudity which puts a bad influence on the Indian youth.

For the same reason, he thrashed Kalal on roads while the bypassers just looked. Mr. Nandal also threatened Deepak that if he continues to post such videos, he will again find him and beat him up. Deepak went on to make a police complaint about the same, however, it doesn’t seem to have any effect in reality.

On 4th of Jan, 2019 Deepak posted a clip of him being thrashed with the caption, ‘Do I Deserve This? I Have done the Police Complaint to Haryana Panchkula Police Station….Will I Get Justice?. The video received more hate than support from his followers with over 66,994 views. Several users commented that he deserved it while there were a few who deemed this as illegal.

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Deepak Kalal live after beaten by public in road

After the instance of him being thrashed in Gurgaon, Deepak chose Noida as a safe location from where he uploaded his live feed as he roamed inside the Noida city center mall. In the video he claimed that this is the place where he received lot of love and respect from his fans and that people also took his autograph. This video currently has 1.6 k views.

Deepak takes shelter in Swarn Mandir

Yesterday, on 25th Feb Deepak posted a video of him crying and declaring that he was again threatened by some goons in Jammu. he furher says in the video that he has taken sheler in the Golden temple. the caption of the video read,’Sat Sri Akal…. I Cancelled My Flight Of Jammu and ran to Swarm Mandir after I was attacked by some Goons in jammu….’.

As of now, the video has 12, 647 views where people are flooding his comments sections with hate and abuses, just like the rest of his videos.

Notable memes

Though there aren’t any templates that were created using Deepak Kalal, he appeared in a few Indian memes. Meme creators notably used him to troll someone by calling someone a Deepak Kalal’s fan or being referred to as dumb-head (ch**tiya) by others for his cheap comedy.

deepak kalal memes
deepak kalal memes
Deepak kalal memes
deepak kalal memes

Some personal facts about Deepak Kalal

Deepak’s nickname is ‘Zeenat baby’ which was given by his father. Though, he is also known as ‘Super Star of Kashmir’. His favorite actors are Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar. he loves Malaika Arora and his favorite director is Karan Johar. He loves traveling and even owns a hotel in Goa.

His favorite colors are pink and blue. He loves dogs and his favorite destinations are Goa and Dubai. He likes the show Indias got talent and Comedy Nights with Kapil. His zodiac sign is Libra and he keeps traveling back and forth to India and Los Angeles for work and to be with his family.

At one point in time, he wanted to buy land and settle in Kashmir but only its just that the law prohibits him, he couldn’t fulfill his dream. Though, he still plans to settle in the state somewhere even if he doesn’t buy land.

In Conclusion:

Deepak is one of the strongest examples of creating an identity by going viral. The methods he uses are definitely not the cliched ones as most of his videos are so nonsensical that no one really knows why he created them.

However, the same videos have aided him in attaining a prominent position in the entertainment industry. You can follow him on his Instagram handle– deepakkalaloffocial or subscribe on his Youtube channel Deepak Kalal where he keeps posting videos for his fans and haters alike.

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