Lifestyle Beard, Skin, Face – Dcraf takes men’s grooming to the next level

Beard, Skin, Face – Dcraf takes men’s grooming to the next level

Men’s grooming has been a hot topic for quite some time. Back in those days, manliness was associated with tanned, tough skin, a shaven look, and a careless guy who was unbothered about the sun’s UV rays. 


A man was always depicted surrounded by dirt, but he didn’t seem to care because he was too macho to get affected by little things.

But today, times have changed. What I mean is the UV rays are no more the same (it has gotten worse). The fashion is no more the same (it’s all about your ‘well-managed’ natural look). Now men don’t want to appear as a victim of increasing pollution, depleting ozone layer, and a forever baby face. 

neat beard

Today manliness has a new definition. And men have a new ornament – beard!

With the emergence of long beards in fashion, many brands are trying to capture this market and provide all kinds of solutions to make the beard look neat and easier to manage. The days of razors are passe’. Today, you style your beards with trimmers or keep them long enough to bring out a masculine ‘Khal Drogo’ look. 

But the problem is that men don’t want to spend too much time grooming.

Recently, I stumbled across a new brand – Dcraf. Their proposition is simple – make men’s grooming effective and easy. 

dcraf skincare

Their packaging is unique that will instantly level up the shelf of your dressing room. And I guarantee that anyone entering your dressing room will definitely pick up the product to check its label.

Very unique – totally safe – extremely easy to use, that’s Dcraf. What’s more? It is launched by our beloved actor Rana Daggubati

Dcraf has categorised its products in a 3-step process – face care – skin care- beard care.

Face care

Every now and then your face needs exfoliation. So, start with a face wash, exfoliate with a face scrub, and apply some moisturiser.

What I bought – Face scrub

dcarf face scrub

Dcarf’s face scrub is goood. Unlike other exfoliators available in the market, this one is creamy. Enriched with oat kernel, olive leaf, and jojoba extracts, this scrub doesn’t just remove the dead skin, but also nourishes and moisturises at the same time. 

I stayed away from scrubs for a long time because it was drying out my skin with regular use. But not anymore!


Put on some sunscreen lotion and apply it well. This will ensure you are ready to lock your horns with the sun.

What I bought – After shave lotion

dcraf aftershave lotion

Earlier when someone said aftershave lotion, what appeared in mind was a perfume-like bottle that will give you a burning sensation if applied after shaving. Dcraf’s after shave lotion is cream-based. It is full of Himalayan berry, cucumber, and calendula extract, which will soothe and rejuvenate your skin.

Beard care

If you are keeping a long beard, you must not let it hang dry. It will cause itchiness and a dry scalp beneath your beard. Invest in beard oil and keep your beard and the skin underneath look healthy and mesmerising.

What I bought:
Beard wash

dcraf beard wash

Every now and then, a ‘beard bug’ bites me compelling me to grow a long beard. Earlier, I used to wash my beard with shampoo which dried out my skin. I strongly advise against using hair shampoos for your beard. It will make your skin dry, itchy and flaky. This Ayurvedic beard wash is going to be my rescue to maintain a long ‘healthy’ beard.

Beard softener

dcraf beard softener

I have a very dry and hard beard. Whenever I plan to keep a stubble, my girlfriend maintains a 2 feet distance from me. All because of my hard pin-piercing beard. I just hope that Dcarf’s beard softener turns my hard beard into soft, irresistible whiskers!

Final verdict

dcraf products

I am the guy who doesn’t like to see chemical names on the label. Thus, I always pick herbal, ayurvedic items when it comes to topical products. Also because of my Eczema, harsh products are a total no. I always look for products that hydrate, rejuvenate, and moisturise. I even pick face cleansers that come with a certain amount of moisturisation qualities. And Dcraf is exactly that for me!

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