Indian-memes Cartoon Network famous theme songs in Hindi

Cartoon Network famous theme songs in Hindi

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Have you heard about this term 90s kid? Some of you who are reading this would already be 90s kid so they need no explaining while others who are pissed listening to this term again and again would want to know what the hell does this mean.

Well, any individual whose current personality is influenced a lot by what he used to follow or do during 1990s is known as a 90s kid. Some of these traits are very common as listening to common type of music or songs, watching some very famous shows etc. etc.

I am a 90s kid as my birth marked the beginning of the era(I was born in 1990 😛 ). How can I not talk about Cartoon Network. Well for most of the kids who could afford a cable network, this channel was their lifeline. The topic of conversation in school, villains in those series be the calling names for friends and what not. Everything was related to the shows that were aired on Cartoon Network.

You ask me any show that they aired during that time and I would definitely know it. There were shows you wouldn’t believe I left my coaching for. Since the show timings clashed with my tuition timings, I got annoyed and left my tuition. That show as Jacky Chan adventures. Those talismans and their powers always excited me. And if you have watched that show then you will know who Shadow khan were.

I saw dragon ball Z first on Cartoon Network. And while doing my MBA I was still watching that show by downloading it from web. When I saw the trailer of this series, it tempted me so much I told my own made stories about this show to all my friends. Later, when the first episode of that show was to air, I invited all my friends to my place to watch it together.

You must be wondering why I am writing Cartoon Network in full words while I could use the abbreviation. And someone who got same love as I have for this channel, would have already appreciated me for acknowledging the difference between Cartoon Network and CN.

When Cartoon Network became CN, everything changed. They brought totally different set of series and discontinued all the earlier series which used to air on Cartoon Network. That was the day when I and many others like me stopped watching Cartoon Network. 🙁

I bring forth this post to cherish that time and some of the shows and their theme music which we remember by heart and still sing them during drunk moments!

Dexter’s Laboratory

Apni zimmedari par aaiye, iss anjaane jahan me,
Ki andekhi ansuni cheeze bhi hoti hai yahaan pe..
Dexter ki laboratory,
Jahaan ye baccha, sabse hoshiyaar..
Par Deedee iske experiments karti hai bekar..
Aur fir gamm aur dukkh ka samaan chhaa jata hai..
Dexter ke lab me…..!!!!!!!!!!

Powerpuff girls

Mithaas, Masala, Aur acha sab kuch daala,
adarsh nanhi ladkio ko banane ke liye, in chizo ko chuna gaya tha.
Lekin is rahasyamayi rachna me professor Utonium se anjane me ek aur cheez bhi gir gayi
Chemical X!!

Aur is trah powerpuff girls ka janm hua. Apni mahaan shaktio ka fayda uthakar
Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup ne apni zindagi zurm aur buraai ke khilaaf ladai me laga di.

Blossom, commander and the leader.
Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter.
Buttercup, well she’s the toughest fighter.
Powerpuffs save the day…
Fighting crime, trying to save the world,
Here they come just in time, its the powerpuff girls.
Fighting crime, trying to save the world
Here they come just in time, its the powerpuff girls

Swat Kats

Who don’t remember these mechanics who built a super marvelous fighter plane from scrap. Bahadur bille!

The Addams Family

Motricia addams – That lady
Wednesday addams- That little girl
Uncle Fester- That bald guy
Gomez- That man
Pugsley- That little boy
The thing- That scary hand
Grandmama- That old lady

Its the Addams family!! Click! Click!

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon dragon, rock the dragon
Dragon ball z.
Dragon dragon, rock the dragon
Come get me.

I wanted to share the Hindi versions of The mask intro song and Captain planet’s intro song. But unfortunately I searched a lot on internet and couldn’t find. Not sure where can I get to listen to that same song again. The mask in Hindi was fantastic. Nevertheless, my search will be on and as soon as I am able to locate those themes, I will definitely share with you. Till then cheers!

Don’t forget to share your favorite cartoon from 90s.

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