A well-organized CRM system will assist you in keeping face with rapid changes in the business market.

Bitrix 24 implies a huge and trustworthy corporate platform that tries to cover almost everything. This portal will allow you to work with the stated functionality of social networks, projects, tasks, personnel management, and the like. As for the CRM software, it is ideal for companies from different areas of business since it helps establish work processes, automate sales as well as analyze the work of company employees.

What Does Bitrix24 Constitute?

Bitrix24 is a virtual system that will unite all interaction tools within the company in one place. With the service, you will not need other instant messengers, task schedulers or file storage. The CRM helps you work online with colleagues and clients, keep abreast of all events, control tasks and sell more. Simply put, it’s a universal variant for any company for you can use it for free at first.

Maximum process automation is a key condition for the growth of manufacturing companies. The Bitrix24 CRM provides its clients with great opportunities for the development of both large, long-established enterprises and small businesses of any kind. The thing is that this is a multi-component online program, offering automation and useful marketing tools for desktop and mobile gadgets.

In a nutshell, Bitrix24 constitutes an Internet cloud resource that you can access by means of a browser and a mobile/desktop app as well. The program offers a plethora of effective business tools that are accessible and cross-integrated as a part of a single service, namely:

  • CRM;
  • Tasks & projects;
  • Chats;
  • Online meetings;
  • Website builder;
  • Online documents;
  • Worktime tracking;
  • Workflow automation;
  • Workload management;
  • Contact center;
  • People data and analytics.

The list of business-effective program tools is quite large, which allows you to organize teamwork in the company, set and complete tasks, take notes, plan working hours and communicate with colleagues as in social networks.

Do I Need to Buy a CRM Program Like Bitrix24?

Any business that makes use of different channels of communication with clients and employees sooner or later comes to the need to implement a good CRM system. Meanwhile, a relationship management program allows to establish internal processes, develop and launch advertising campaigns. More than that, it assists in increasing sales, analyzing current activities as well as effectively planning future activities.

This comprehensive product facilitates and optimizes the joint work of several departments of one enterprise. What counts here is that the program combines tools for planning, delegation, analytics, evaluation, business communication between employees, and communicating essential information to staff. In general, all the Bitrix24 capabilities serve the digitization of business processes and the main activities of the organization. It should also be mentioned that the paramount use cases are virtual communication with the employees, marketing and customer service. The Bitrix24 CRM Software serves for the following aspects:

  • generating and processing leads;
  • managing daily sales and customers;
  • creating and managing effective tasks for the staff;
  • monitoring business projects by means of managements tools;
  • creating landing web pages and sites;
  • joint editing documents.

By using the service, the company solves many problems. So, you get a lot of necessary attributes, including tasks and project distribution. What’s more, you receive:

  • the mobile app;
  • essential data analytics and insights;
  • social CRM applicants;
  • full featured project management;
  • advanced chats and reporting;
  • collaboration across system functions;
  • access permissions;
  • templates and automation;
  • workload management, etc.

It comes as no surprise that the Bitrix24 mobile application helps use the service on the go. At the same time, you can be located anywhere in the world. Here, you can easily combine all the tools into a practical CRM platform to view analytics and gain deep business knowledge. Besides, the program manages all applications, including channels and social media accounts, using a single CRM resource.

In addition, Bitrix24 provides everything you need for proper project management. It includes various reminders, task scheduling, team meetings, and the like. It also assists in monitoring metrics and making reports. So, you can store, manage and send any files in a secure way. Templates and automation reduce the time for concluding transactions. As for the workload management, it distributes tasks and projects, so the team can easily get updates and observe all the necessary documents.

Bitrix24 is conquering the market by offering companies to start working with a completely free version. The program allows you to replace disparate services and become a unified workspace for your team. The CRM software also helps you to set up an attention focusing system that reminds you of urgent tasks where your participation is required.

Bitrix24 CRM Benefits

For a start, Bitrix24 implies a web platform with all the inherent advantages:

  • the ability to work with a large number of users with relatively low server requirements;
  • flawless CRM digital sales suite;
  • centralized storage of business contacts and other important information;
  • great visualization;
  • possibility of integration with third-party services via API;
  • convenient sales and lead management;
  • possibility of modification and improvement of the internal platform functionality;
  • automatic analysis of customer data that helps you make the right choices.

The Bitrix24 system automatically creates business strategies for you and has a free plan limit with a basic set of functions.

When Is It Necessary to Install a CRM Program?

Let’s look at the operation of a CRM system using a clear example. Imagine a typical business where a new customer or just a potential one calls and introduces himself/herself. This customer shares his/her concerns and desires, and someone from the call center responds, “Please wait a second. I will share this with one of my colleagues.”

If the operator does not have enough time to clarify the information, he/she returns to the client and asks him/her to wait some more. If clarification of information requires a longer time, the company employee ends the dialogue and calls the client back when he/she receives the necessary information.

The customer ends up having to listen to a long ringing call for several minutes while on the line. Then another company employee calls back and asks for additional information. This is very tiring and annoying.

Everything changes for the better when you have CRM software. This program already contains all the necessary data you might need about your current and potential customers. In other words, when a client contacts you by phone or email to make a certain request and you already have access to all the customer data, including first name, last name, contract type, order history, previous inquiries and orders, in just a couple of clicks.

As a result, your business is automated, and your staff is busy with more pressing issues.

Best Bitrix24 CRM Tools

Let’s look at what Bitrix24 offers in more detail.


It comes as no secret that a virtual office is organized within your team. So, you can control everything both from the office and from home remotely. This point constitutes the following aspects:

  • accounting and automation of working time using online clocks;
  • video calls;
  • e-meetings;
  • private or group chats, where you can exchange files and documents stored in Internet cloud storage.

Tasks & Projects Tool

The innovative Bitrix24 will certainly assist you in coping with various business tasks and reports with the help of the effective tools, such as:

  • user-friendly diagrams for visual project presentation;
  • project activity management;
  • the management of workload;
  • automated task templates that reduce time.

Accordingly, it will be easy for you to organize your team members into a project working group. You can also add external users and set task dependencies.

Automated CRM Store

The Bitrix24 software is characterized by a digital sales suite that contains not only lead management, but also lead generation. The built-in lead tool works well on many levels, including communication tools such as:

  • telephony;
  • chats;
  • social networks and so on.

Thus, the program helps save your precious time and money. Additionally, it essentially helps automate sales.

Websites & Online Stores

Feel free to use the built-in templates of the Bitrix24 super program to create attractive browser-based sites and pages for your online store. Using this platform, you get:

  • SEO optimization;
  • the online site builder that does not require programming skills;
  • store designer that will assist you in organizing an intuitive system for managing goods and payments.

Without any doubt, Bitrix24 will help you thoroughly design your website, as well as create your own domain name. With this program you can also create responsive designs and improve your landing pages.

Contact Center

In this program, you will find everything you need for the customer communication, including:

  • chatbots;
  • ready answers;
  • call routing;
  • Call back request forms.

With this modern program, your contact center will be connected and synchronized with all important resources, including social networks, online and mobile instant messengers, SMS and email clients.

Automation & HR

High-quality software will allow you to control your team’s activity and work processes using the following tools:

  • work reports;
  • analytics of the performance of your employees;
  • work time tracking.

That is why you will always know who’s really working and who’s absent with absence management tools.

Convenient Team Communication 

The reliable Bitrix24 program has minimized the company’s tasks related to working with email. Now you don’t have to wait for a work email because you can use the system to complete the task by contacting a specific person.

Bitrix24 Market

Do you need custom add-ons and unique solutions for your Bitrix24? This is incredibly easy to do, visit its marketplace. A chatbot and applications created by system partners and approved by Bitrix24 are available here as well.

Free Bitrix24 Mobile Applications

The CRM ecosystem presented in this article also has a smartphone application available for Android and iOS. Here, you can set tasks, have video conversations, use group chats, leave comments and much more.

Bitrix24 Desktop App

The Bitrix24 desktop application allows you to reply to comments in various projects, make video calls directly from chat, transfer files and perform numerous tasks on an iMac or Windows. So, you can download the desktop program for Linux, Windows, MSI, Mac, Mac M1 and M2.

Bitrix24 Open API Benefits

It is important to note that the API assumes an application programming interface. Since the Bitrix24 system works with an open API, its customers and partners improve their cloud intranets by changing business logic and exchanging data about workflows on cloud portals.

Fast Development

By means of the Bitrix24 REST API, you have detailed documentation available on demand. You can use this to analyze your work and further develop your company. After publishing your application, many Bitrix24 users will have the opportunity to immediately download it, which provides an excellent chance to present the appropriate business solution to a significant paying audience.

Vast Audience

There are more than 12 million users of Bitrix24 software. Therefore, you can find the desired audience no matter what program you use.

High Profit

If you are still confused, then simply download the free Bitrix24 plan. You can develop your business absolutely free of charge. Promote your company, increase your income using the huge system of Bitrix24 business partners.

Bitrix24 Pricing

The CRM pricing range is versatile. Some users say it could have been more flexible. Nevertheless, this CRM system is still among the top ones in the market. 

Bitrix24 On-Premise Edition

Bitrix24 On-Premise Edition gives unmatched performance, stable security, and total customization. This version of Bitrix24 is made to be hosted on your own server. It offers complete access to the source code and API. An excellent option for big businesses and corporate entities.

It’s massive, customizable, powerful, and secure. Bitrix24 On-Premise Edition offers:

  • High performance;
  • Wide range of editions;
  • Cheap annual payment options;
  • Two-factor authorization;
  • Helpdesk;
  • Reserve copies of important data;
  • Source code + API + SDK.

Bitrix24: Bottom Line

So, as you see Bitrix24 CRM is built into the corporate portal and is connected to its other tools, including tasks, marketing, websites, stores and all that jazz. This makes it easier to work with the system, since there is no need to switch between a large number of services. The thing is that everything is on one portal. Bitrix24 CRM capabilities are enough for convenient business management.


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