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18 Best Meme Pages On Facebook You Should Follow Right Now

Memes have become the part and parcel of life! Without memes life seems such a void. I guess that is why even TV actors are becoming a part of memes. For instance, check out Irrfan khan memes. He redid some of the famous memes by replacing them with himself. And it comes as a surprise when some famous actors from Bollywood who are so much active on internet doesn’t know what memes are. WHAAT!! Really!

best facebok pages for memes

Unfortunately, this video can only be viewed on YouTube.  Check out this following link of KBC host Amitabh bachchan and how he got schooled by Vidya Balan on the concept of memes.


There are some more people who got famous because of memes. Like Shahid alvi sid for Nagar palika video and Omprakash mishra for aunty ki ghunty.

I’d say what is really making Facebook interesting right now is Memes! People come to Facebook to read memes and to tag each other in relatable memes etc. That is all! I’d say it is these pages that are giving Facebook some engagement. Otherwise, most of the people are now moving away from it. Instagram is the new platform.

But if I am visiting Fb, I am only doing that to check content of these following pages. The content is fresh and contains a lot of bullshit but no bullshit. If you know what I mean! I’d recommend you to follow these Facebook pages for memes in India.

Best Facebook meme pages in India

1. Memes

memes facebook page

With 16 Million followers, the page Memes was started in Nov. 2012. So, the page serves you an array of memes ranging from celebrities to sarcastic one liners, epic tweets and what not. This page is loaded with humorous content at its best. Definitely a must visit page.

2.Warning: Do not like this page, you will die of laughter.

best meme pages Warning: Do not like this page, you will die of laughter

So, this page was created in early 2014 and has over 5.9 million followers. It comes up with original Indian memes, and even converts trending topics to hilarious jokes. As the name suggests, you won’t really die of laughter. LOL, but that’s what the agenda of this meme page is.

3. Classical Art Memes

No definition required, the title explains it all. This page is full of bad-ass memes that are made on classical art. Even the makers wouldn’t have thought that the masterpieces would be used for something so creative (pun intended). The page just has 5.2 million likes, if you know what I mean.

4. Sarcasm Society

sarcasm society facebook page for memes

This page has the most amount of likes out of all. Not sure what is the secret behind that. But I came to know about this page much late in the meme game. This page right now is doing 3.5 million likes.

5. Funniest Memes

funniest memes

Created in 2016, this page got its popularity with leaps and bounds. With 3.3 million people following this account the reason is clear, it puts up funniest of the memes. handpicked memes from twitter and various other platforms get uploaded in a regular basis and you can browse endlessly while you smirk and giggle. True story.

6. Corporate Atyachar (Instagram)

corporate atyachar

Goes by the name of Himanshi, she creates innovative corporate humour videos. Mostly creating tiktok style funny videos on Instagram Reels, she puts in a lot of effort in ideating her videos which you will find relatable if you also have a corporate life. Himanshi, with her eye for detail, picks interesting day to day moments from office life and turns them into interesting and humorous videos. Do check out her page here

7. Relationship Memes (Facebook Page)

relationship memes

The name suggests the kind of memes this page deals with. However, don’t fall for the name, as it goes beyond the cliched gf-bf memes and gives you fresh content, situational humor and thoughts that will bring out your inner devil who will laugh off and grin at the memes they serve. And yes, I guess that’s why they have over 3.1 million follows and likes.

This page, unlike its older cousin that I mentioned on the second position work on the same agenda, i.e. to kill you with a good doze of humor. It was created in the same year 2014 but has just managed to attract 3 Millions followers as of now. But the content is authentic and hilarious. And that’s what you look for in a meme page, right?

9. Desi Humor

desi humor
With over 2.5 million followers and likes, this page serves you a healthy doze of desi humor if you are in it. Indian memes and the things that desi’s can relate to are cherished here. So, if you love hindi and the humor this language come up with, you will instantly fall in love with this page.

10. I Love Sarcasm (Well who doesn’t)

i love sarcasm meme page on facebook

With over 2.4 Million like this page is known for but not limited to its memes related to movies. The Profile picture used for this page is of the King of Sarcasm Chandler Bing a.k.a Matthew Perry and if you don’t know who he is then you should go watch Chotta Bheem.

11. Dank Memes Melt Steel Beams

I have no idea if the memes of this page melt steel beams or not but its sure as hell has memes that are dank. The best part, they haven’t left any corner to explore and extract humor out of it. You will find dank memes of all kinds in their dankest state, I guess which is why they have 2.4 million likes and follows.

12. Sagarcasm

sagarcasm meme page
Sagarcasm has over 1.5 million followers and likes. the memes are fresh, funny and they cover a vast content. The best part is, this guy creates his own content! From politics, science to simple stoned memes, they have it all. Fret not, they have the memes that will make you laugh. Go ahead.

13. Babachu

baba chu logo facebook page for memes

I am following this page from 2009-10. Initially, they were a Facebook app which used to generate some random comments for your friends for fun. Now, it has transformed into a meme page. It is owned by Manish. Currently has about 1.6 million likes on its page.

14. Bollywood Memers

Bollywood memes is all about the jokes on latest Bollywood series, shows and movies along with anything and everything that will make a lovely meme. With over 1.3 million likes, this meme page is apt for you if you like and follow Indian content.

15. Animal Memes


Who doesn’t love animals? Especially when they appear in hilarious memes. Well, this page had the same thought process and hence the name Animal memes. This meme page specializes in producing animal memes that are situational, intentional but basically funny AF. No wonder they have 1 million followers.

16. Meme Extreme

Meme Extreme goes a little too far with their out of the box meme collection. From sarcasm to dark humor, they have all the different versions of dankness that is sure to satiate your hunger for some dope comedy. the page has i million likes and over 1.1 million followers.

17. The Indian Idiot

the indian idiot meme page on facebook

With over 1.1 Million likes this page has done wonders in the meme community. But that’s not all as they also cover other topics like trend, news, pop culture etc. So if you are not just about memes then you can surely tune in to this page and have fun.

18. LoLism

lolism logo for facebook pages for memes

This was the first page that introduced me to the concept of memes. It was a language which required no explanation. It caught my attention and later my love. I got to know about memes in 2012 and since then I am a big fan. The page currently has 1.1 million likes.

19. BC Billi

bakchod billi facebook page for memes

Indian version of grumpy cat. This group has a lot of content to share. They love trolling Set Max channel and Sooryavansham movie. Currently has about 1.4 mn followers on their group. They recently changed their name to bakchod billi.

Follow these Facebook pages to make your feeds interesting and full of laughter. If you have more pages to share, please do in the comments and I will make it a part of the post.

So this was all, stay tuned for more updates and addition to this list.  Do check out our other posts related to memes….You know……. you can’t just get enough memes.

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