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My work involves a lot of driving and constant touch base on phone. Just as it happens in the media industry when client constantly bugs you for every microscopic update and at the very same time you have to manage the team sitting in your office who has no clue what they are doing apart from taking their daily intake of caffeine and nicotine. Well, at that time cell phone seems boon to you irrespective of any harmful radiations it emits for which doctor advise you to not sleep with the phone near your pillow. But having a mobile phone isn’t enough when your one hand is on steering and other changing the gear. And then you wish you were Shiva with four hands from Mortal Kombat. Thus, I was challaned several times by traffic cops for using cell phone while driving, banged my car enough number of times juggling all these things at once. So, I thought to finally invest in buying a good bluetooth earpiece.

woman driving and using mobile

I went to google searched for it and then appeared innumerable brands with various products on all these famous e-comm websites. I was confused for next three days, read so many listicles and what not to invest in the right gadget and after ignoring all the gyan, I bought what I felt will be good. What I understood after going through all the blog posts was, there are only two brands in which I should invest Jabra and Plantronics. But I had my budget limitations too. Hence, no matter how much I liked Voyager, I had to ignore it and find something that suits my pocket.

jabra bluetooth earpiece

I bought Jabra talk for Rs. 1495/-. Well, didn’t like the product at all as there was no noise cancellation and thus filed for the return the next day. It is an important feature to consider otherwise the person at the receiver’s end will hear all the sounds but your voice. Thanks to amazon.in easy replace and I got my money refunded.

jabra bluetooth earpiece

My second purchase was Jabra easygo for Rs. 1699/-. This time I received the product in pathetic condition with age old packaging. I felt like I bought the product which was manufactured in 1850. I didn’t even open the seal this time and again filed for the return right away. Amazon.in, you are truly for customer.

At this point, I was done with Jabra. I thought of investing in Plantronics bluetooth.

plantronics bluetooth earpiece

I found Plantronics Explorer 50 for 1999/- on Snapdeal.com. It’s been more than 6 months since I am using this product and I am quite satisfied. Though, this product also has some issues with noise cancellation but it still does a better job than any other item available in the market in that price range.

plantronics bluetooth earpiece side

Some features of Plantronics bluetooth I’d certainly like to mention:

1. Easy to use
2. Easy to pair
3. Battery indicator on phone screen
4. Great battery backup
5. Charges real quick
6. Volume control
7. Voice operations via long press on the call button
8. Noise cancellation to some extent
9. USB charging
10. Easy to fit in any ear size
11. Designed nicely to not hurt the ear(although you will feel that the piece is still in your ear when its not, if you are a first time user)

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