Indian-memes Backbencher Memes: Meaning And The Most Trending Memes

Backbencher Memes: Meaning And The Most Trending Memes

‘Backbencher memes’ are a series of memes that explore the capability and talents of students who prefer being as far as they can from the teacher, i.e. on the back benches of the classroom.

These creative memes clearly describe how the backbenchers deal with the everyday situations in class and survive the wrath of the teachers with such ease that sometimes even the teacher gets confused.


First benchers have always been the ones with nerdy looks, Einstein cloned brains and immense urge to please the teacher with anything and everything (especially to remind teachers for taking tests that they themselves have forgotten about.)

On the other hand, backbenchers are the ones with swag and rebellious blood pumping in their veins that make them look like the celebrities of the school. They are famous for, mostly being found outside the class rather than inside. Also, they are awarded with unique names by teachers and sometimes even principal that proves their fan-following.

Keeping the same fact in mind, twitter users thought that it would be cool to spread the talent and unique thought process of backbenchers via memes, as Indian memes have become a powerful tool to achieve fame.

Some of the early memes shared is from . It showed what the backbenchers do when they are asked to stay quite.

backbencher memes dj playing music

Whether it comes to maintaining “pin-drop silence” in class or to respond to the questions asked, the backbenchers memes highlight the various situation and moments of school and college life.

On the same day, another major fact about backbenchers and their rebellious nature was being portrayed in a meme by a Twitter user

backbencher memes men in mobile store

With this, backbencher memes became the latest meme to be doing rounds on the Internet.The idea behind this trending meme is to showcase how uniquely backbenchers would react in various situations. Especially, doing things that they are not at all supposed to do.

Context of use

From classrooms to college, various contexts have been used and memes have been created on backbenchers. After all, their reactions are priceless and so out of the box that it leaves a person ROFLing.

After the backbencher memes took a toll on social media, another Twitter user came up with a meme where there was a direct conversation between the teacher and le backbenchers. And yes, before you ask it it was priceless.

backbencher memes man stating a point

Another context in which the meme was made around the restriction placed by teachers in class, specifically the ones related to no eating. came up with one of the most relatable ones.

backbencher memes tom carrying fridge

backbencher memes arnold with a rocket launcher


1.  Sometimes front benchers are also punished

backbencher memes boy and girl hugging

2. Backbenchers (mostly pretend to) ask for permission

backbencher memes vijay mallya

3. But Middle benchers are feeling the pain too

backbencher memes darshil safari

4. That reminds, have you moved on from World cup?

backbencher memes

5. But no one can move on from Sacred games

backbencher memes sacred games

6. Meanwhile, first benchers pulling off this stunt

backbencher memes manmohan singh

7. And mature bagpack folks answering with swag

backbencher memes

8. However, Babu bhaiya can make his entry anywhere

backbencher memes hera pheri

9. And so can Mirzapur’s Guddu bhaiya

backbencher memes mirzapur

10. Nikal lavde follows the lead

backbencher memes nikal lavde

11. So, how could Captain America stay behind?

backbencher memes captain america

12. Thankfully, this Pakistani fan stood up for middle benchers

backbencher memes pakistani guy

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