Anyone who follows hip-hop even remotely is aware of the beef going on between MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) and Eminem right now.

Eminem surprised everyone by dropping an album named Kamikaze and announcing on social media about it. That was the only marketing done to promote that album. And guess what, it has broken so many records in barely a month of its release.

But that is not what the talk of the town is really. Eminem dissed so many rappers in this album that he has almost ended one entire form of music which recently got famous called Mumble rap or lean rapping.

Eminem calls it the return of Slim Shady. One of his alter ego which he stopped representing after death of his best friend Proof.

Since a lot of small time rappers trying to ride on Eminem’s fame and criticizing him to become the part of conversation, Eminem this time chose to respond to all of them and show them that they are not in a position to judge a rapper like Eminem.

While the other agenda in the rap album being ending mumble rapping as it displays no such talents of artist.

Amidst all this, Eminem also responded to MGK’s tweet from 6 years ago. The tweet was about Eminem’s daughter where he disrespectfully praised Hailie by saying she is hot as fuck with her being only 16 years old at that time.

That didn’t settle well with Eminem and thus he dissed MGK also in his Kamikaze album.

MGK took no time to respond and landed a full length diss against Eminem. The moment his diss was released on Youtube, fans and listeners started commenting how MGK has paved his path for career suicide.

Eminem after few days of diss responded and the expected happened. Eminem being Eminem dug MGK’s devious (read devilious) grave by using his own shovel.

And after that, all the Stans came out with their own versions of disses and started putting nail after nail in his coffin. Some even commenting that there is no point kicking a dead body.

MGK has chosen not to respond back to Eminem (which is a wise decision in my pov, also since he has ran out of disrespects which really wasn’t even disrespect in first place).

All the other YouTubers are trying to take benefit of this beef by click-baiting fans into watching bullshit or old videos of MGK and Eminem. So, I thought why let all stans suffer the hands of these assholic youtube channels. I went through a lot of videos to give you the list of original and fan made disses created by Stans against MGK.

Check them out:

This is the original response by Eminem.

Fan made but a deadly one.

One more

D12 had to take their own revenge

Yelawolf couldn’t keep himself out of this hype and tried his hand too

The video is worth a watch

Proper use of MGK’s beat and of course a better video

This is a different level of click bait. The content is original but mimicked in the voice of Lil Wayne

It sounds like D12. I guess it is D12. Worth a listen though

With all the hype now subsiding with time, I don’t think there will be any responses on this. Joe Budden and MGK already confirmed that they won’t be responding back to Eminem. Well, that is the end of it. Enjoy these videos and also one more thing, Even after MGK taking a lead of 10-12 days, Eminem recently surpassed him on views as well on his Killshot track which wasn’t even a video.

Eminem is the GOAT. Before you choose to mess with him, slice your own throat.

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