The bond was strong..the relation was long..
and everyday our love was like on and on..
Those times were great, i remember every date..
Cold coffees and teas, her favorite pizza with cheese..
Bought her the finest brands..In new college she makin new friends..
But was she supposed to forget her man..
Hurt him on his face..again and again.
Like she was ready with a whole new plan..
To ditch me midway and carry on with another man..
you call yourself loyal,.
you left me just to live life royal..
I thought our love was true, and u don’t have an issue..
But you call your new friends..
tell ’em to behave like fence.
Is this how we used to this your new way to greet..
On which we used to meet, you insult me on the same street..
I wonder if i have a heart or its a shoppin kart..
That anybody can borough, steer it the way they want and use it thorough..
everyday i see you with these new guys in college mess..
please give me a chance girl i want to confess..
For all the hurt i put you thru..But believe my love is pure and true..

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