Want to give your home a fresh look? There are so many different ways to change its appearance. We gathered all of the best styling tips, so make sure to give them a try!

Let’s jump right in and redesign your home for an updated look.

1. Declutter and Organize Your Space

First, start by decluttering and organizing everything in your home. It can take a lot of work, but you’ll feel completely different about your home when it’s tidy. Sometimes, this is all you need to do to upgrade your home’s interior design.

Plus, you’ll need to organize your home before moving on to the other steps. Having too much clutter can be distracting and will take away from your design.

Start by organizing your belongings into piles. Then, put away everything and use plenty of storage solutions, like bins and baskets. Country Living has a great guide to decluttering your home in one weekend.

Remember to have patience during this step. Depending on the last time you did a big decluttering session, it can take a very long time. However, it’s worth it. You’ll feel better in your home space after.

2. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Are you tired of always seeing the same wall colors each day? You can easily repaint them, giving your home a new vibe. Going from plain white walls to a deeper color is a great way to give your home a new look.

If you don’t want to paint all of the walls in your home, you can simply do one accent wall. It’s best to pick the wall opposite the door since it creates more balance in the space. The accent wall can even make your room look bigger and more stylish.

Remember that the accent wall will always become the focal point in any room. You want to ensure it fits your space’s color scheme and shows off your interior design style. Your accent wall can use multiple colors and textures, too.

Overall, simply painting your walls can make your entire home feel new and fresh, even if you don’t change anything else.

3. Bring in New Plants

Do you have any houseplants sitting out? If not, you’ll want to get some. Plants add a touch of nature and a pop of color to any room. They also suit every design style out there, making them versatile. It’s even fun to choose the planters for them.

Plants also reduce stress and improve indoor air quality, making them beneficial. You’ll want to choose ones that are easy to take care of. As you gain more plant experience, you can get more complicated species.

Of course, if you don’t have a green thumb, you can always get faux plants for the same visual effect. Succulents are very easy to care for if you want a real and simple plant.

4. Change Up Your Wall Decor

You’ll also want to spend some time redoing your wall decor. Hang up new mirrors, art, and photo frames. You can get entirely new pieces to swap out or rearrange what you already have.

You should try setting up a focal point using your wall decor. The best ways include hanging a statement piece up in a noticeable place. For instance, you can hang a large painting over your fireplace. These statement pieces can become excellent conversation starters and really bring a room together. 

You can also create a gallery wall using several smaller pieces. Simply arrange your prints, photos, and paintings on a single wall.

5. Get Wood Flooring

Upgrading your flooring to wood is another great way to style your home. Reclaimed wood flooring is affordable, looks great, and has a story to tell. This wood comes from sustainable sources and prevents it from winding up in a landfill, making it the greener option.

Reclaimed wood is also much more durable than new wood because it comes from trees that have had more time to develop. This process results in a denser wood, which resists damage from heavy foot traffic.

Wood flooring is very classy and can look beautiful in any home. If you want to give it a try, make sure to consider reclaimed sources first. It can have a striking impact if you’ve never had wood floors in your home before.

6. Rearrange All of Your Furniture

Next, you can rearrange all of your furniture. Moving some of your belongings around can make them feel new simply because you’ve created a new space for yourself. Try moving your sofa to the other side of the room or creating new spaces using seating and rugs.

You can get a few new pieces to incorporate with your old ones for a new look. Nothing has to be permanent, so experiment with different furniture layouts until you find one that you like the most.

7. Swap Out Accessories Often

You’ll want to swap out all of your smaller accessories. For example, change your throw pillows or their cases and set out a few different blankets. Doing so can have a massive impact despite the small change.

Many people like to have different accessories for changing seasons. You could have accessories that suit a particular color theme for the spring and another for winter. The possibilities are endless, and you can swap them out as often as you like.

Don’t forget to change out rugs, curtains, and woven wall hangings. These textiles make your home more comfortable and can drastically impact your space’s atmosphere.

Vases, statues, and pots for plants can also be changed out. You can make it easier on yourself to swap out the pots by placing the potted plant into a larger container.

Give Your Home a New Look Today!

Why not start to change your home today? You can rearrange furniture, get reclaimed wood flooring, and try painting an accent wall. So many options will help your home look fresh and new.

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