Work indeed can sometimes hold significant importance in our lives. However, it is a must to understand that excessive dedication to work can lead to heavy stress. Especially if the workload becomes too overwhelming.

Those who are overly committed to their work are commonly referred to as a workaholic. They often exert themselves and allocate all their time solely for work. At times, they might neglect their well-being due to work.

The monotony of work can be quite wearisome. Some even extend their work into the weekend, resulting in an exhausting routine that repeats endlessly. This is very dangerous, as this can result in severe case burnout if not being properly addressed.

As an employee, you need to establish a work-life balance. One of the best ways to achieve that is by taking time off from work and having a refreshing holiday instead. Vacation plays a pivotal role in sustaining your mental well-being and ensuring continued peak performance at work. Worry not, as a workaholic, you can still embark on a relaxing vacation by following the tips below.

1. Complete all tasks beforehand

You need to complete all assignments before the deadline so that you can fully use your rest time for vacation. Don’t make room for your superior or colleague to get the chance to call you while you are having fun enjoying the holiday. Getting a call from the office to talk about work-related matters during the holiday is a hell no. This can make you feel de-energized, and unable to get the best afterglow of your holiday.

Therefore, make sure all tasks are completed before the holiday. You can prioritize the most urgent tasks or those approaching the deadline first. That way, there will be no work haunting you while you are away. Make a daily schedule or to-do list to make it easier for you to organize all work and office activities. You can also set reminders or alarms to remind you of work deadlines. 

Don’t forget to complete house chores before your holiday, so you don’t have to worry about how to clean up your dusty house after the holiday is over. One of the best ways to tackle this issue is by hiring a part time cleaner beforehand.

2. Don’t waste time

As you approach the holidays, avoid the habit of wasting work time to do other things aside from work, such as spending too much time talking with your colleagues. This will only make your work take longer to complete.

You should eliminate all distractions, if you feel like you can’t focus on your work. Apart from that, if there is work that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to immediately ask for clarification from your boss or co-workers.  The goal is to ensure all work is not delayed and is completed on time.

3. Combat procrastination

Laziness often creeps in out of nowhere, which leads to neglected and suboptimal work. This might be the case for you, especially if you’ve been counting the days as your holiday approaches. This can make you struggle to find enthusiasm and focus on your task. 

Succumbing to laziness can result in delayed work that disrupts your precious vacation time. Although overcoming laziness can be challenging, with strong determination you can do it.

4. Make thorough vacation planning

Try to take a moment to make a detailed schedule or vacation plan. Starting from the destination, transportation, accommodation, and how much time you need for your vacation. By planning carefully, everything will run in an orderly and organized manner.

Make a wish list of activities you want to do while on holiday. It would be better if you filled it with positive and useful things. For example, visiting museums, exploring natural tourist attractions, learning new skills, and so on. By making a thorough vacation plan it will make it easier for you to adjust the date and time of your leave.  

5. Don’t think about work while on vacation

Don’t take a peek at work email notifications, answer calls from co-workers, or open work-related applications such as Slack during holiday. This will only make you feel restless and thus you won’t be able to enjoy it. Moreover, you can also post a photo indicating you are on leave in your business contacts. You’ve prepared for a long time for your holiday, and it is only natural for you to want to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Who says a workaholic can’t enjoy a relaxing vacation? By utilizing the tips we’ve provided above, embarking on a holiday adventure can be done with ease for every workaholic!

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