In this pandemic era, people suffered a lot, like kids. Kids may feel anxious after such a long holiday or, rather say, home lockup. It is normal for kids to be scared. Not only this pandemic situation can happen after such a long break of summer. So let’s help the parents recognize their child’s anxiety symptoms and scheme to reduce them.

Signs of Anxiety

There may not be the correct symptoms to find the anxiety. However, Kids suffer a lot through it. They may not know how to express it. It is a serious thing that should not be ignored. For this, you need to know whether they are struggling through it or not. Here are some clues about the anxietyAnxiety that may help.

  • Short-tempered and upset with things.
  • Uneasy and discomposed.
  • Eating disorders and habits of sleeping.
  • Difficult to focus.
  • Negative thoughts and unreasonable crying.

Reasons kids might be anxious or stressed.

After covid, most of the kids suffer from anxietyAnxiety as they are scared to go back to school as they were. It is because the school building, classrooms, gardens, and friends may be new to them. They may be anxious about the burden of the books and may feel disturbed by the question of success.

  • Covid related distress

In the year 2020, people will learn many new things, get familiar with new terms, and attend online classes. Online classes were very new for kids. They took time to get familiar with it. After covid-19, it may be scary and anxious for kids to return to school in terms of normalization.

As a child, some things bother them like putting on a mask all the time, sanitizing, maintaining covid-related protocols, etc. They may be concerned about their old friends as they are still there or making new ones. It may feel like a new world for them.

  1. Be positive

The first thing you have to teach your child is good about school, how great it is, and how new things they will learn. Tell them about their new school dresses and supplies and remind them of their old friends. By doing this, they will get a positive vibe about school. Sometimes parents also get into stressful situations. You can try Delta 9 pen for relaxing your body and get a stress free schedule. Delta 9 helps your body to get relief from anxiety as well. Many parents have given their positive feedback towards its products. You can try it as well and see how wonderful it is.

  • Disturbed with Bullies, Friends, and more

Bullying is very disturbing for kids. They may have suffered from it previously and may be scared to go back there again. So for those kids who are suffering through it in school it is a curse to go back. Though having a virtual class may help to stay in execution. But when it comes to going back, they may not like it or feel they will go through the same.

Kids in poverty may have issues with their clothes and other accessories for school. They may feel ashamed of that. Some others may be concerned about how they look in front of their friends. It happens especially when they go through puberty, weight gain or loss, wearing glasses, etc.

Some other stresses like getting cut with an old friend and having difficulty making new friends. It also happens while cutting in a sports team or being assigned to a strict teacher. This new learning ambiance can cause anxiety.

  • A guideline for dealing with stress and anxiety 

The only thing that may help your child overcome it is to talk to them without judgment. Ask them about their daily routine and their worries. Make sure they may find you as a good friend so then only they will express their feelings to you.

 Some other things that may help overcome anxiety are the proper planning of lunches in school. However, It is also important to make a comfortable place for homework that will help heal their anxiety.

  • Tell them they are not alone.

Assure your kids that you are always with them no matter what happens. Do not judge them in any situation. When it comes to the first-day school, teachers should be helpful to make them comfortable. Arrange some playdates to connect with their old friends if they are concerned about reconnecting.


The best way to help your kids reduce anxiety is to support them in any situation. Make them comfortable to talk about it. However, doctors can also help through meditation and treatment to heal their mental health.

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