How to use WhatsApp ‘delete for all’ feature properly

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Whatsapp has recently released its new feature “delete for all”. Precisely, what this feature does is, it deletes a particular message not just from your screen, but from everyone’s screen who were supposed to receive the message.

Do you remember the time when a message that your girlfriend was supposed to receive, and you send it in the family group. So many times auto correct has lead you into trouble and probably million other reasons when you wished, ‘Oh, why can’t I delete the message from their inbox’. Well, my friend those days are here now.

With Whatsapp’s  latest feature, you can absolutely delete the message from their inbox as well. Even if the receiver has seen the message you can still delete it. But what is the point then! Becauwhse if they have seen already, then what is the point of deleting the message. The deed is done.

Until you are trying to delete the proof of a conversation.

But hey, you need to figure that out whether you want to delete or not within 7 minutes.

Yes, you heard it right! You can only use the option ‘delete for all’ within seven minutes of sending a particular message. After that, you cannot delete the message from their screen.

Though, you can still delete it from your screen.

Also, when you will delete the message, it will show in the recipient’s screen as “This message was deleted“.

So, if you see this message, “This message was deleted” that means the sender has deleted a particular message for everyone.

This feature is available for both group and individual chats.

Following is the process to use the feature:

  1. Long press the message(you want to delete) and it will activate few option on the top of your screen
  2. Press the delete button
  3. It will give you few options like, Cancel, Delete for me, Delete for all
  4. Choose accordingly whatever option suits you

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