My girl shes a queen.. her skinny spyker jean..
told me purple but i guess her favorite color is green,,
every time I sleep.. shes always in my dream..
her lips are like..oh god..some strawberry cream..
her eyes are like wow…plus mascara so clean..
kiss thrice a day..from her forehead to her chin..
long locks of hairs..tied in the shiny pin..
gifted her purple madame..she caught all the glam..
lady like to call her mam..
she is buzz of god am her fan..

She like me when she sober..i like her when she sober..
am a fucking rapper n she a class topper..
boombox on her shoes..shes my companion for hip hopper..
baby girl is a doper..a perfect party popper..
dressing sense is proper..a shopaholic shopper..

I like her when she drunk..she like me when m drunk..
I like the Indian food..but she like it when its junk..
am lost in her love n in my love shes sunk..
she sometime listen funk but i stay with my crunk..
shes got a heart of gold..she never gonna make me flunk..

All the things that you do..blow my mind…
baby you are one of a kind..
you made me blind.. you gave me love that i couldn’t find..
i was thinking bout you n these things just rhymed..
so i thought to tell you how much i love you..
baby you are a sweetheart there is no girl above you..
your milky body always want to caress you…
body to body while i just undress you..
impress you.. kiss your baby lips while i clutch you..
you say u go mad whenever i touch you..
cant stop thinking bout you..there is no way that i doubt you..
so many guys revolving around you..but you look into my eyes then you say i finally found you..

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