Influencer Marketing Bloggers/Influencers: Best engagement method in limited budgets

There is no point emphasizing how crucial engaging bloggers/influencers is for marketing a brand/product. Even though such engagements are being practiced for a very long time, still many do not know how to engage with bloggers for a successful marketing activity. Everybody is in dilemma of whether their campaign is …

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Influencer Marketing

follow link Blogger/influencer engagements: 100% Result driven method

Since we all know and have been hearing a lot about blogger engagements. But we are still struggling to figure out ways to help us do result oriented blogger activities.  Something that can be tracked and measured properly. So far the criteria of judging a blogging campaign is reach. Based …

Influencer Marketing

go rencontre Different types of blogger engagements for brands

Engaging bloggers have become vital for any of the brand/marketing campaign. But you need to make sure that your product/service is the best so you can feel free to engage the most credible bloggers in the industry. Let them give you an honest opinion so you can either learn and …

Influencer Marketing

site de rencontre serieux ile de la reunion Voracious surfer- A hobby that was internet surfing

There used to be a term which we used rapidly back in those Orkut days when internet became accessible to most of the people, ‘Surfing the internet’. Don’t remember when was the last time I heard someone saying ‘I am surfing the internet, wassup with you?’ However, that is what …