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devang patel mischievious
devang patel mischievous

What is a parody? Have you ever wondered about that.

Let me tell you how Wikipedia describes it. You can visit the link to know more about Parody.

Parody is a work created to imitate, make fun of, or comment on an original work or its subject, author, style, or some other target by means of satire or ironic imitation.

This is correct but sounds complicated. Isn’t it?

Let me try to simplify this. Parody is imitating an original piece of work in such a way to bring humor/satire out of it. While doing so, a parody maker may use the style, subject etc from the original piece to convey his message in the most satirical fashion. This is done mostly to create an entertainment piece and humor out of it.

There are so many literary work that has been used to make parodies. Of all, music is the most used element from which parodies are made. Especially, all the famous songs are usually converted into parodies. There are some famous YouTubers like Bart baker and The key of awesome who make great parodies of famous music artists.

Bart baker has more then 9 million subscribers of his channel and The key of awesome has about 5 million subscribers.

Some of the best work from Bart Baker is:

Dark horse by Katy Perry

Problems by Ariana Grande

Fancy by Iggy Azalea

Some of the best work from The key of awesome is:

Can’t remember to forget you by Shakira & Rihanna

Not afraid by Eminem

Call me maybe by Carly Rae Jesphen

But before YouTube came into picture and all of these other artists, there was this one fellow who was doing this, producing albums, rapping, singing and making all kind of parodies and selling cassettes by the name Patel scope.

Devang Patel, who was born in Gujarat released so many parody songs at that time and became a massive 90s hit who was admired for his funny and satirical content. Starting his career from Gujrati music, he released four albums in Hindi after that with the name Meri marzi, Patel scope 1, Patel scope 2, Patel scope 3.

Right now he is doing songs in Gujrati films.

Some of the great work from Devang patel

Peechadi pe kutta kata (Who let the dogs out)

Chaloo girl, Mambo no. 5(Barbie girl, Mambo no. 5)

Hai Kamar, Hoi Kamar (Whenever, wherever)

Check out his full discography on Wikipedia

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