Ode to the playground

Bust a Rhyme
gladiator helmet
I took a deep dive in the memories of the past..
I thought that with time they will never last..
But as and when I try to sleep tight..
I end up doing this constant fight..
Tryna find some peace but this silence is so scary..
Cuz those days are no more when we used to think of fairy..
This noise is so harsh like too many humming flies..
This might sound farce but tell me where my peace lies..
Or maybe i should not care and move on towards my goals..
Or i can waste my time here thinkin’ of different roles..
I will go get what I am born for..
Without wasting time anymore..
Cuz time is in short supply..it ain’t goin to wait for me..
And it will keep on running..so I better match my pace with it..
This is my constant fight..I am goin’ to win for sure..
I see a ray of light..I am goin’ to find my path and roar..
I will stand tall like pines and succeed in every round..
I laid down these lines for the ode to my playground..

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