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Are you worried about renewing your basic managed wordpress hosting account because it is too expensive. Well, I was too!

Renewing it for just one year was costing me enormously high. Something that I bought (from Godaddy) for as low as INR 99 per month, they are asking for INR 449 per month to renew my account.

That is damn expensive! I didn’t want to do that.

I got worried about shutting down my website as I was not able to afford such high prices to run my blog. But then, I thought of contacting some other companies like Bigrock as they were also having this plan. I found that they are even expensive than GoDaddy. I contacted their customer care and asked for discounts. They said if I migrate my website then I will have to pay less which again wasn’t quite falling in my budget boundaries.

I was juggling between Bigrock and Godaddy all day long trying to figure out the cheapest way to renew my plan. Both weren’t giving me a discount that could ease my mind.

Then, while I was talking to one of the Godaddy representative, he advised me to not migrate the website to some other service provider. Rather, to purchase one more basic managed wordpress hosting and migrate the website manually. If that works the way I want, then its good. Otherwise, because of their 30 day refund policy, my amount will be refunded.

He made sense to me. Also, my previous basic managed wordpress hosting had about 2 months remaining to kind of do the experiment.

I went to Quora, reddit and did my research by couldn’t find my info anywhere. Everyone said this is going to be a lengthy as well as stingy process. As GoDaddy wouldn’t allow this to happen so easily. Because in a way you are trying to bypass their system which would incur them loss.

In my mind, I was ready to take the chance as I was anyways couldn’t afford renewing my account.

Later that night, I purchased another basic manged wordpress hosting for two years from Godaddy.

godaddy wordpress hosting plans

GoDaddy offers you basic managed wordpress hosting for INR 99 per month if you get the pack for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years. Post which the renewal charges apply as INR 449 per month.

With this, they also gives one website free and some other one month trial packs. They are again useless as renewing them after one month will cost you good money. The best that you get in this plan is 1 website and plug n play wordpress hosting for 99 per month (GST is applicable on it).

Coming back to main topic i.e. – migrating your managed wordpress hosting from one account to another without changing the service provider(GoDaddy) and without taking the backup on your system

1. Go to ‘My Products’ page in your GoDaddy account:

2. Scroll down to the section of ‘Managed wordpress’. After buying two accounts, this is how it will look like:

basic managed wordpress hosting

As you can clearly see in red color, my first account is about to expire and the second one is the one I just bought. Right now you are seeing, wotpost.com is hosted in the new account. That is because I have already followed the process and done the migration.

It is extremely simple and easy. You don’t even have to take the back up as Godaddy provides the services automatically to you. It automatically takes the back up of your website. Make sure to keep it enabled. (Like below) This box will appear once you click on the ‘manage’ button on your wordpress hosting in Godaddy account.

local backups in basic managed wordpress hosting

Click on the setup button which will be appearing next to your newly purchased worpress hosting. And the following box will appear:

migration for wordpress hosting

It will give you two options same as mentioned in the above image.

Choose ‘I’m migrating an existing site’ and click on get started. Post which following window will appear:

migrating wordpress hosting website

Type your site Login URL and your existing GoDaddy WordPress Admin and password details. Click on Next.

Walllah!!!! You are done. After some time your site will be migrated with one more copy of it on your newly purchased wordpress account. However, it will still be hosted on ftp website(a temporary website given by GoDaddy).

Next step is to change the domain name for your website under newly hosted managed wordpress account.

changing domain while migrating website

Go to your previous wordpress hosting account. A similar window like the above image will appear. Click on the follow url 3 dots next to http://www.ivst-vz.de/?debin=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-buch WP Admin button. From there click on here Change domain.

changing domain for wordpress website

You need to free up your domain which you wish to connect with your site. So, again host it back on a temporary domain and make sure the required website is not even in the secondary domain in your previous GoDaddy wordpress account.

During this process your website will go down.

Once you have made sure the required website is completely disconnected from the previous account. It will available for your new account. You can follow the same process and change the domain for your new account with the required URL.

Your site will be down for sometime. Say 2-4 hours. The company says your website will be down for 24-48 hours but it doesn’t happen. Your site will be up and running in max 4 hours.

Check if your website is up and running the way you want it.

here Once it is confirmed, you can now go back to your previous hosting account, again click on the 3 dots next to WP Admin and click on remove to delete all the files from there.

You have successfully migrated your website to your new wordpress hosting account without even creating a back up on your system. But just in case it is always good to create a backup on your system for some uncalled for issues.

By just following these simple steps, you can save yourself a big amount of money. With a down time of 4 hours, it is nothing to even be thinking about. I am happily using same GoDaddy wordpress account features with one more parked domain in my account and by paying the same amount of INR 99 per month.

Drop in your queries if you face some issues anywhere in this process. I will respond to them at the earliest.

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