Three must have apps in your phone to make you better

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Everyday you receive a notification about one or the other app update. Either, you choose to let it update automatically because it is too important for you to use the updated version of those apps or you choose manual because your phone’s memory is too less and hence only most important app gets to update.

Do you think you can still use the same old unbreakable Nokia 3310 and make your life worthwhile. No, right? Hence, its no more those days when we used to say that my life is dependent on my phone. Its the era of applications now. Well I am pretty sure, you will find Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more similar apps in every smartphone you touch. Some phones come pre-installed with these apps. And while you are juggling among all those apps installed in your phone, I am sharing three more app which will add more value to your life.

                                          go to link                                             Shazam   

You walk into a cafe and find very soothing music over there. You so much want to listen to this track again when you go home but since you are walking with your date, you choose not to bother yourselves to walk upto DJ to figure out the track. But later when you go home, the song is still inside your head, urging your brain to pass signals to your ears, that they want to listen to it again. But you are helpless.

Well no more if you have this superb app called Shazam. All you have to do is turn on the app while you are around any music and let it figure out all the information regarding that track for you.

see url                                                                      Inshorts
Don’t have time to go through full news but aren’t satisfied with just reading the heading of the news. Here comes the solution with this app called Inshorts. This app will provide you the information in just 60 words. So, in a matter of minutes you can almost know all the information present in the entire newspaper. The language is understandable and easy with least use of complex English words. And you can also toss the news that you like to your friends who are using this app.
                                                                                                  click BlaBlaCar
How many times do you travel alone to far places and think that only if you could have a companion on this journey, it wouldn’t have been this boring. Usually, it happens with people who live far but not too far from their hometown and visit their parents frequently.
Here comes an app which lets you find out the travelers who are looking to hitch a ride. Who knows you might find a friend for your life while just finding a travel companion. The interface is smooth. All you have to do is create your account and verify by uploading a picture of an government id. You can either offer a ride and find a ride via this app afterwards as per the requirements.
I hope you find these three apps worthwhile as I found for myself. Stay tuned while I do my research on other subjects and bring more interesting stuff for you in my next post!
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