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Are you the type of a person who want to dance the stress out of their body every weekend? Does dancing gives you more energy? Do you crave to jump the hell out on your favorite tune once you gulp down a cold beer? Is dancing and sipping on freshly brewed beer describes you the best?

Well then my friend, I know some places in Gurgaon that are especially built for you. And you’d join many other who feel the same as you. With some really up to date DJ’s playing some great EDM as well as Bolly tunes, these places will catch the right mood of yours and uplift your spirits with right spirits and music.

The following places will bring the best out of you if you want to enjoy good music, good beer, good dance.

click here Soi 7

soi 7 logo and image

This was the first brewery in Gurgoan which came up with the concept of turning the bar into a dance floor after 10 PM. Their DJ is superb! As compared to other breweries, their beer is slightly expensive, but the flavors live up to every single penny you will shell out. Plus the right kind of aromas in the environment, good vibe and superb ambience will make you forget all the worries of your life. This place is my personal recommendation.

Thursdays are ladies night and they host the best ladies night in Gurgaon I would say. Before the DJ takes its turn, this place also hosts a band popularly knows as “Toya Band”. You gotta listen to them to understand what I am talking about. Thursdays are really happening at this place, followed by Friday. Saturdays entirely depends upon the crowd.

Recommend to visit on Thursday and Friday.

Famous beer: Knockout

Location: Cyber hub, Gurgaon/Gurugram

source site Molecule

molecule sector 29

Currently the most go-to place for dance lovers. Due to its spacious room for a lot of people to enjoy dancing together, this place can host a very large crowd at once. DJ at this place is also superb! Another interesting thing that happens over here is on Fridays after 12, DJ plays good bhangra and punjabi music.

Recommend to visit on Friday. Saturdays are also good.

Famous beer: Wheat

Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon/Gurugram

what information can relative and radioactive dating provide Prankster

prankster sector 29 gurgaon

When someone says Prankster, what comes to my mind is their Pizza! Their Pizza is their USP. There are two DJs over there who plays turn by turn. Friday and Saturday both are happening over here. Due to smaller area of dance floor, this places always looks crowded and thus people who really likes crowded club environments will love it here.

Recommend to visit on both Friday and Saturday

Famous beer: Premium

Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon/Gurugram

trading 60secondi Imperfecto

imperfecto cyber hub gurgaon

First of all this is not a brewery. Second of all that should not stop you from visiting this place. They have really interesting dance floor with the right ambience to enjoy music and shake that booty on your favorite tune. Slightly expensive from most of the places, though a little bit of imperfection in every corner is worth admiring. Believe me!

Recommend to visit on Wednesday(Ladies night), Friday, Saturday

Location: Cyber hub, Gurgaon/Gurugram After stories

after stories gurgaon

This is a new entrant in the list of interesting hangout places in Gurgaon. Famous for its Apple cider, this place is not an enormous one, but a compact and a great place to chill and for a fun night. Located a little away from the usual Sector 29 and Cyber hub, this brewery is very close to IFFCO chowk metro station.

Recommend to visit on Friday

Famous beer: Apple cider

Location: SCO 390, Near Sector 29, Gurgaon/Gurugram

enter site Manhattan

manhattan gurgaon

This place is enormous with 2 floor sitting. It has the best indoor ambience I would say for any brewery in Gurgaon. The view of the dance floor from the first floor is amazing! You’d definitely love it here and will also wouldn’t have to wait too long to find a table for yourself since it is very spacious. This place is located in Global Foyer mall in Sector 44. Entry is strictly couple. Another interesting feature is they are a bar exchange now! Click this link to know what is a bar exchange.

Recommend to visit on Friday and Saturday

Famous beer: Belgian wheat

Location: Global foyer mall, Sector 44, Gurgaon/Gurugram Warehouse

warehouse cafe gurgaon

Warehouse is also a great place which provides ample sitting arrangement. It is also built on 2 floors. Ground floor and basement. Ground floor is for people who like to sit in a peaceful environment. However, basement is where the major bash happens. In terms of beer, there are really much better place to visit than to come here. The only enticing factor is their beer is cheaper than others. If you are bored of visiting same places again and again, you can visit this for a change. You’d find a lot of tiny things there to appreciate. Like their menu is superhero themed.

Recommend to visit on Friday. Saturday depend on the crowd.

Famous beer: Premium

Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon/Gurugram

enter Vapour

vapour bar sector 29

Vapour was the first brewery in Gurgaon to bring the concept of bar exchange. They opened their first branch on MG Road which was a massive success. Post which they entered one of the most happening markets of Gurgaon currently i.e. sector 29.  Their beer prices are also very nominal. Plus making it a bar exchange is a cherry on top! The concept is fun, though you hardly pay attention to the screen once you are couple of drinks down. Post which numbers are passe’. It is only now or never!

Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon/Gurugram

Well so, what are you waiting for now, grab the wheels and get set dance!!

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