get link Cricket celebrations in Delhi blocking all the streets

Hell, Yeah!! What a victory yesterday. I am talking about a ‘sport’ which may be for any other country, but here is a religion in India.

Yesterday, it was a cricket match between the teams which is famous as one of the intense sports rivalries in the world. No, I am not the one who is making this statement. There is an elaborated article on Wikipedia about it. For your reference I have given a link. But Hey, before you click on it, have a look at some of the photographs of the splendid victory celebration near India gate, Cannaught place and several other areas nearby.

People were dancing on the streets. Watching all this live was one hell of an experience.

Need not say India won, I mean after seeing this picture ofcourse but for the statistics it was a massive win by 6 wickets. Kohli like always played some great shots and made 55 runs of 37 balls. What a fantastic player he is!! He has given Indian fans a new hope of him being the next Sachin Tendulkar or who knows if he sets his own legacy in his own style. So far he is going great. Not really sure about his personal life though, breaking up with the actress Anushka sharma and all. :/

Source of image Agressive yet a stable minded player. Dangerous combination. Isn’t it?

Below are some more snapshots from streets of New Delhi yesterday. And by the way it is around 1:00 A.M after almost one and a half hour of the striking win. Its rare to see so much energy out on the street at a time when most people are curled up inside their blankets and in a deep sleep.

A fan performing a dance sequence outside India gate
People celebrating India's winning
A crazy fan I should say!!
I do not know how to describe how I felt when I saw so many people waving Indian flag with so much respect. I tried taking some of the pictures since I was inside the car and couldn’t take much stable shots. The windows of the cars were open and people were banging their stereos with all those patriotic songs. When the music of A.R Rahman strikes your ears, what else do you need. Everybody was singing to the tunes of Vande Mataram. Well, I can definitely tell some has been shouting from a quite long time as their voices were kind of a cacophony.
But hey, I was able to capture some of the girls too dancing and enjoying the victory of India. Since, it was a bit risky for me so I was unable to take many shots considering how people react thinking of all the wrong reasons.
cricket celebration delhi streets
It was one experience for me that I’d like to relive again and again. It has given me another reason to sit in front of the T.V. to scream and shout and pray for India to win so that I can go out and see all the patriotism and energy flowing in the air.

And in the end is a very small video from yesterday for you. Taken by my friend Ishan. You can praise his videography qualities after watching it.

Don’t forget to check out my other coverage on how this sport is celebrated in India This will steal your heart and make your feel proud of your country.
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