5 weird cigarette smoking videos not from this world

weird cigarette smoking videos
What are the weirdest things that you have come across on the internet? You will be thinking about UFO sightings, cows flying in the sky, a man running nude on the streets etcetera etcetera. I am sure you wouldn’t have thought of the following videos which you are about to witness. Videos which you will never be able to unsee, unhear from your life. Some of the following content may also be inappropriate for some users and thus YouTube will ask your permission to showcase. Nevertheless, go ahead and have a good day!

1. This man’s got lungs made of steel

Do I need to tell you not to try this at home. Well, I started coughing by just watching this video. My mind still wanders if this is an actual stunt or some camera trick. It is crazy to even imagine where is this fellow storing the cigarettes once they enter in his mouth. This video was uploaded 4 year ago and has got more than 138,000 views.

2. I vape underwater

 You must have seen a lot of people making smoke rings, jelly fishes, pouring smoke in a glass, waterfall and what not. But have you seen anybody making rings under water. You need to check out this video. Not sure if technology is to blame for this thought process that provokes human mind to do these next level things. This video was uploaded a few months ago on Dec 14, 2016 and already has more than 450,000 views.

3. Do not vape from an Iphone!

While I was doing my research for this post I came across the videos of this guy with a channel called Techsmartt. Once you will watch this video you will know why Keaton has got more than 1 million subscribers. Not sure how you will describe this Iphone case which is actually an Iphone vape case. I guess I should let you watch the video and figure it out on your own! This video alone has got more than 2.5 million hits and was uploaded in mid 2016.

prova on line senza registrazione di opzioni binarie 4. Dare you not to have a cigarette

The name of this woman is Chelcie Lynn. You need to check out her channel to understand the level of weirdness involved. Cigarette in her mouth reminds me of Flash from Guns n Roses but her style is little out of control. Go ahead watch out. Well the original video posted by her has got less views while ‘So FD’ has uploaded the same video which has about a 2 million hits. Search for Yáll got cigarette in YouTube and you will find remixes and trap mixes of the epic dialogue.

enter site 5. This dude is sick of his life

 I have no idea who this guy is, where he is from and what he is trying to achieve. This video left me speechless.

I am sure there will be many more videos which are existing on internet right now which showcases the same level of weirdness and people from all across the world with extraordinary powers. The images from these videos will be printed in my head for a lifetime. If you were lucky enough to not play any of these videos, I’d say you have done a great job by scrolling to the bottom without paying heed to the above content. But if you are here are and already abusing me for this compilation and taking you through the torture of watching these, to all of them…

Please don’t try any of this. You can put your life in a serious situation!

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