5 best ‘Deal with it’ episodes you will die laughing


deal with it

I was searching on YouTube to watch some funny things. I was fed up of watching too much CarryMinati videos day in and day out. It was time I shift my focus towards something else. So, during my search, I came across this old TV show ‘Deal with it’.

It is an American comedy game show originally aired by TBS. This show is easily 3 years old but I only came across it now via YouTube when we are planning to welcome 2018. The show was hosted by Theo Von (in the above image). It totally had 3 seasons and aired 28 episodes. Imdb does not rate it well though with just 5.3 points out 10. But the show definitely aired some kick-ass and really hilarious scenes which would prompt you to ask your partner what would he/she had done in their place.

So the game  features 5 levels. In each level the cash reward is doubled starting off with 250$ and if you make it to the end, giving you a total of 5000$. One of a random couple is chosen(usually in a restaurant), and then one amongst that pair is given random risky tasks(without letting their counterpart know) in public in a hidden camera ambush.

The game was a success back then and also featured in several memes. By the way, have you checked out these Facebook pages for memes.

Some of the HD episodes are uploaded by Comedy Central UK.

But I am listing out 5 of the most hilarious and great Deal with it episodes for you. Check ém out!

Prostitute prank with Bobby Lee on Deal with it

What happens when you are on a nice date with your girlfriend, everything is going fine and smooth, you guys are having a great time and suddenly a girl appears out of nowhere and slaps you! How about you check this out!

This complete episode is divided in two parts. Check out both of them.

Man cheats on girlfriend prank on Deal with it

What happens when in a brewery you are out with your man who you are dating from past 7 years, and he finds another interesting girl there and just leaves you!

Boyfriend pranks jealous girlfriend on Deal with it

What happens when in a public area, your woman throws water on your face?

Suspicious girl prank on Deal with it

What if your friend starts behaving like he is on a bad trip!

Wife pranks husband on Deal with it

What happens when your wife starts behaving like a cleanliness maniac!

So, these are just some of the episodes. Check out their entire seasons on YouTube. Do post in the comments if you find any other Deal with it episode interesting.

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